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Well-ballanced strategy online


I've been searching for a long time for some nice online RTS experience, with some massive battles and diplomacy, and here is the best what I've found so far - World of Battles. Gameplay 9/10 I liked this game cause it gives both space for Strategy on Global Map and for Tactics on Battlefield. As a clan leader i feel myself a king of a small kingdom with real warlords inside, real diplomacy with other leaders, conflicts and so on. As a warrior I am enjoing massive battles with up to 8 players on the battlefield, each controlling up to 24 units depending on his skills. Combining this you'll get exciting gameplay for long evenings. Graphics 7.5/10 Graphics are ok, especially as for online game, for me it does not lag at all. Free2play system 8/10 Yes, this game is free to play, but I can assure you - some of my friends are playing this game without paying almost nothing in it, and they still win and play really comfortably. Of course there are some very tasty items at shop (by the way, unit custimization is really deep here - you can change almost everything in each of your units), but,believe me, they don't ruin the ballance at all. Conclusion A must for all strategy games fans, especially for those who are into Total war series. One of the best online strategy games you can find now, also with endless potential.


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