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We Love Katamari - PS2 - Review

Last year one of the most unique games that I have played in a long time hit the American shores. Anyone who played this game almost instantly fell in love with its unique and quirky gameplay. The game I am referring to, of course, is Katamari Damacy. Since this game was such a big hit, it was only a matter of time before Namco created a sequel. Now that it is finally here, how does this gameplay stack up? Read on to find out more.

The story for We Love Katamari is just as wacky as the entire game itself. Since the first game, the people of the world have become unhealthily obsessed with the King of All Cosmos and his Katamari. The people are eager to see new and bigger Katamaris, so they give the King many flattering comments in the hope of seeing more Katamaris. The King loves all of the new attention that he is receiving, so he grants their requests and sends the Prince to make them.

What I really liked about this game is the new changes to the mission structure. Instead of always rolling up a Katamari to a certain point now you will have more “themed” stages to do certain things. One mission involved rolling up as many flowers on the level within a certain time period, or seeing how fast you can clean a room for this woman’s son. One of the most hilarious missions was the Sumo wrestler mission. Your goal for that mission is to roll up as much for him as possible before he takes on his next opponent. I didn’t think that the game could get any more insane then the first one until I saw this mission. The developers really let their imaginations fly when they created this sequel and it is the players who truly benefit from this.

One of the more interesting additions to the game comes after you complete a mission. When you finish a mission and the King is tallying up how big your Katamari is, it will tell you how big it is compared to something in the real world. For instance in one level it will tell you that your Katamari is as big as 48 wrenches or something in a similar fashion. If you fail in your mission the King has bestowed upon himself the power of laser eyes and he will start to shoot you with them. It is simply wacky things that this that really make this game fun to play.

Just like last year the graphics are really bright and cheery in nature. The graphics are very simplistic and blocky in nature, but it fits perfectly with the rest of the game. The animation for this game is spot on, just like last year. Rolling the ball feels so real, especially when you have oddly shaped objects stuck to it, how the ball reacts accordingly to them. I still get a huge smile on my face as I am rolling up gigantic items in this ball and seeing the tiny Prince roll it around.

The sound effects for We Love Katamari are nothing short of hilarious, just like last year. Every time you roll up something living, such as a human, it will start complaining or laughing in delight. If you roll over a dog, cat, duck, or any other animal it will also make the appropriate sounds. The music in this game is just as catchy as in the last game. The developers couldn’t have found better music if they tired, as it fits the entire mood of the game - silly and fun. The music is always upbeat and will keep you going along to try to create a bigger and better Katamari while you have a goofy smile upon your face.

Just like last year, We Love Katamari features a decent multiplayer mode. All the versus mode really is comprised of is trying to get the biggest Katamari, as well as trying to get a special item before your competitor does. The only problem with this versus mode is the severe lack of variety. This year a co-op mode was included, each stage that is available in single player can be played with a friend. The way this is accomplished is that both of you control one analog stick on each controller. You and your friend must communicate in order to get the missions done. While it will test your patience in the beginning, after a while you will get the hang of it and it turns out to be pretty fun.

We Love Katamari is rated E for Everyone and will take up 88KB on your memory card.

Review Scoring Details for We Love Katamari

Gameplay: 9.2
We Love Katamari, like its predecessor, is a blast to play. The reason for this is it is so simple in premise yet it is so addicting. You will tell yourself that you will only play one level and the next thing you know you have played through three. The controller will not want to leave your hands because this game is so much fun to play.

Graphics: 8.5
The graphics are pretty much the same as last year's version, which is not a bad thing. The graphics are pretty basic but colorful. The character modeling for this game fits perfectly with its zany plot, and it is that point that will keep players coming back for more.

Sound: 9.0
The music selection and sound effects for We Love Katamari are outrageous and insane, but you will love every minute of it. The music really complements the gameplay everywhere, no matter what level you are on.

Difficulty: Easy
This game is not too hard, but it will provide you with some nice challenges, such as trying to not bump into anything, and where to find more stuff to roll into your Katamari .

Concept: 8.5
Last year I gave this section a 9.8, because I have never seen anything like this game before. Even though this game is still really awesome, the new additions to this sequel are not as groundbreaking as last year.

Multiplayer: 8.2
The multiplayer mode for this game is pretty good. You can go against a friend to see who can create the biggest Katamari , which is basically the same as last year’s version. The new co-op mode is nice but it is not as fleshed out as it could have been.

Overall: 8.6
We Love Katamari is a blast to play. If you played the original game, then I am sure that you have already purchased this game, but if you haven’t you should not pass this game up if you see it in the store. Its unique and highly addictive gameplay will entertain you for hours. Check out this game as soon as you can because you will not regret it.


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