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Unreal Tournament Game of the Year - PC - Review

Unreal Tournament G.O.T.Y is all that and a bag of chips! FPS fans if you still have not picked up this one, you better get going. Time for Quake to take to the shelf because this bad boy is getting nothing but top marks! You name it -- this game has it! UT has won more Game of the Year awards than any other at the time of release and all with good reason. So how do you improve on such a dominating game you ask? Add even more goodies …WOO HOO!

UT G.O.T.Y. has the stunning original game with loads of extras. Two new games are Chaos and Rocket Arena. Chaos lets you slice and dice your way through maps with a razor sharp sword, a long range cross bow, and smiley face mines that giggle and taunt as they chase your enemies. Rocket Arena allows you to fight in a gladiator style to the death with no extra weapons, no power ups, no ammo pick-ups, no armor boosts, no nothin'! Just you and the bad guy, in a fight to the end.

UT is a great way to prepare yourself for the online matches that you most definitely have to play. All the arenas progress up a ladder as you complete the matches successfully. The better you do, the more games become available to you. Each arena has a narrated tutorial so you don't have to sit and read on how the arena is played. VERY NICE! Beat all the arenas and you are ready for the final challenge against the tournament champion in a free-for-all deathmatch.

  • DEATH MATCH - the person who hits the pre determined amount of frags first wins.
  • CAPTURE the FLAG - you have to capture the enemies' flags a specified number of times and bring them back to your base, while defending your own.
  • DOMINATION, two teams battle it out to take position of control points scattered throughout the board. To take control, simply touch it. The more points that your team takes control over, the faster your points accumulate until the other team touches it.
  • ASSAULT - two teams battle it out as attackers and defenders. The attackers must complete mission objectives under a time restraint. The defenders simply defend as long as they can hold out. If game time is, say ten minutes, but the attackers finish the objectives in 5 minutes, then the defending team gets to attack. The only thing is that now the new attackers have only five minutes to meet the objectives or they lose the game. In short, the defenders who then attack have to beat the time of the pervious attackers to meet all the objectives. This is definitely the most fun to play because you get to play both sides before you win or lose the game!!

Multiplayer could not be much easier. Host up to 16 players via LAN connection or surf off to the Internet. Internet play is a breeze with two free sites at and Not to mention you can do an Internet search right from the Multiplayer menu to find a list of hosted games. So simple to use anyone should be able to do it! Be advised that the more hours you spend playing the disks will prepare you for online play. The enemy tactics are better than any AI you may encounter, but that's what replayability is all about! You can view your stats along with those of other online players around the world at

One of the best features of this game is that you do not have to have the fastest computer out there to enjoy this title. Yet you do not suffer the consequence of poor resolution to make up for speed. If you have a PCI local bus VGA card, then no 3D card is needed -- yet all the maps are still rendered in 3D! But if you have a 3D card, you need at least 8MB. Minimum processor of 200 MHz and you will be just fine. The game is loaded with tons of weapons, maps, tactics, style of games, and personal modifications. Issuing verbal commands couldn't be easier, not to mention taunts to get your enemy fired up. I could go on and on, but to keep this short GO GET THE GAME. If you love FPS genre, UT G.O.T.Y is a must have!

Installation: Medium. Lengthy, but not too cumbersome.

Gameplay: 9.5 The AI of the enemy is fantastic; however, the AI of your teammates reminds me at time of a bunch of rookies.

Graphics: 10 Fantastic detail and lighting. Smooth and fast!

Sound: 9.5 Effects were awesome and the music was not annoying for a change.

Difficulty: 10 You may be fooled by the first couple of games in each arena; however, they progressively get harder. If you beat the game, you always have online play for the best challenge of all!

Concept: 10 We have all played FPS and beaten the game and took it online for some heavy fragging. Now we practice all the splendid online challenges before going to the big show. You can even monitor your stats against other players around the world. WAY COOL!

Multiplayer: 10 Easy to use and free!

Overall: 9.8 My only complaint is that the AI of my teammates could have been a bit better. But hey, maybe it's just that I myself am a rookie!


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