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Twins' Challenge - PC - Review

Join the twins as they challenge players to match pictures in a critical thinking game.

The twins are the hosts in this matching game. The program begins with simple matching pictures, then advances to matching the pictures to answer picture problems such as equations, items with similarities and finally sequences. No reading or hearing ability is required, each question is pictoral.

Ohio Distinctive is a well-known publisher of affordable school educational software. Most of their programs are fairly simple, consisting of question and answer sessions, sometimes interspersed with an easy arcade game. The big plus for schools here is the very low price range ($5-$10) and the low system requirements. The quality of their products vary from mediocre to very good. The Twins' Challenge is an average game, being that it pretty much just offers one type of activity, matching, but the critical thinking questions that must be answered in the matches are a nice touch and offer good practice for elementary children. Also, it's only $5, and that's a great deal for a teacher on a budget.

Install:  Easy
No installation as such is necessary.

Gameplay: 7
Simple, no frills gameplay with educational focus that is still fun to play.

Graphics: 6
Decent graphics, but not much animation.

Sound:  N/A
No sound, but the program doesn't need any.

Difficulty: 7
A good range of difficulty is offered, from very easy to fairly hard.

Concept: 6 
It's a matching game, albeit with some twists.

Overall: 6.5
Matching games have been done to death, but the logical thinking questions add some depth to this program. The sequences at the highest levels are the best logical exercises, and will require concentration to remember the pictures flashing by. The low price and simple interface make this a good program for use in a school setting.

Above Average

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