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Tranquility - PC - Review

If you are easily frustrated, or thrive on finite control within the confines of a game, then there is a game NOT for you.

Tranquility, a multi-platform online computer game from TQWorld, is bedeviling, addictive, and can either drive you over frustration’s edge, or lull you into its three-dimensional spinning world.

The creators of the game advertise this product as having soothing effects. Perhaps not, but if you play it long enough, you will find the ever-changing colored patterns pleasing. The game concept is, at once, simple and diabolical.

The goal of the game is to float through a spinning orb, distinguished from all other objects by its motion and shape. The world is three-dimensional, and the orb is hidden in swirling geometric shapes that act as platforms to propel you higher. Essentially you bounce. You can go through the bottom of the platforms and be boosted upwards. But should you hit the top of a platform, you will bounce upwards.

Aside from the moving geometric shapes, the world itself is black. You can see the gameboard, and you can easily rotate your view to look around.

This game also is amazingly simple in terms of controls. The mouse controls all your movement. Turning, moving forward, slowing backwards, it all takes a light touch. You can use the mouse button to accelerate downwards, and the spacebar will help your jumps.

Once you run through a spinner, you advance along the path toward perfection within the game. You begin as a neophyte, then advance to adept by succeeding in finding and flying through the spinner.

The game can be mesmerizing. The swirl of patterns may contain other elements, and at times it looked as though words were written in the twisting spires

The game is a download from TQWorld and includes 147 ranks and realms, a TQ "relaxation station," a world builder, and cards that can be collected and you bounce and float through the realms. The game is scored, so you can replay and try to increase your score on each level.

Tranquility is a single-player online game that is enjoyable and challenging. It boasts a soothing effect, and perhaps it does do just that. However, the bottom line is that it is a game that entertains and will eat up hours of game time.


Gameplay: 8
There are no save points throughout a game, thus requiring players to complete a level before they can quit the game and resume with scores intact. Once launched, the game plays very well.

Graphics: 8.3
This game is bright, colorful and though the animation is nothing that will stun you, the overall look of the game will delight and intrigue. It may be somewhat simplistic but it is very nicely done.

Sound: 7.8
The sound of this game emulates the look ­ it is soothing and really supports the look of the program.

Difficulty: Easy
The controls are simple, but the challenge lies in finding the spinner and then targeting in on it as you descend. The game has other features, which will help players slow the game down to advance easier.

Concept: 8
It is often the seemingly simple things that provide an above-average amount of pleasure, and Tranquility hops on that bandwagon.

Overall: 8.2
Having to complete a ranking level in order to quit and keep your progress is a drawback, but not insurmountable. Just make sure you allocate enough time before you play to complete the level. You may be able to perfect your control in a five-minute period, but you will not be able to complete a level. While the game concept may be simple, accomplishing the task at hand is not. However this is an enjoyable diversion. This game can be played online using a PC or Macintosh.


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