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Tonka Construction Site - GBC - Review

Tonka Construction Site is a puzzle game that consists of different tasks and jobs for kids to accomplish. Boulders have to be cleared, waterways widened, roads opened up and more! These jobs have to be done quickly, though, because time is ticking and the fuel is getting low.

Kids will enjoy driving the different Tonka vehicles around and performing the simple tasks set them. If they can't find the items that need to be taken care of, Tonka Joe is always around to point the way. Powerups are scattered around, enabling the vehicles to run longer, plus there are gas stations in various locations. There are five areas, with over 50 missions, for plenty of playing time. Once a job is finished, a password is given which will need to be written down. Gold is awarded for each job, depending on the level of fuel and time at the end, which can then be used to upgrade the vehicles.

The graphics are decent for a Game Boy Color game, not spectacular, but cute. The music can quickly become annoying for most adults, but the kids won't mind.

This is a nice game for younger players, and one that won't frustrate too much. At the beginning of many of the missions, though, kids will probably need some help getting around before the fuel runs out or the vehicle becomes broken down. This is mainly because the timer aspect of the game is set too low to allow for the searching needed in the beginning. Also, the instructions for each mission are of course written, so parents will need to read them to the pre-reading children.

Girls and boys will have fun driving around the Tonka machines, and will gain a real sense of accomplishment for each job completed. A good handheld game for the younger set of gamers, but parents do need to be on hand to help when needed. Great for a summer trip in the car!

Gameplay: 8.3
A good, simple game that's plenty of fun and not too difficult.

Graphics: 7 
Average graphics.

Sound: 7
The music is loud and slightly annoying for adults, but kids will like it.

Difficulty: Medium
Although the jobs are pretty easy, the timer runs out too quickly before kids can find out where they're going. This means some missions will have to be played several times before kids figure out just where they want to head to.

Concept: 7 
Nothing particularly innovating, but solid gameplay that delivers.

Overall: 8
A nicely done children's game that is targeted directly for the young player. It will appeal to boys and girls, and is a good mix of planning ahead and quick reflexes.


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