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The Sims 3: Late Night review


Sims 3 Late Night expands the world of Sims once again by adding a slew of new content, as well as a few gameplay changes to shake things up a bit. Players live up the nightlife within Bridgeport, a sleepless city of glamorous celebrities and nightclubs packed with more vacant sex-appeal than an episode of Jersey Shore.

As with previous expansions, Late Night adds new furniture and items to customize your pad, and a ton of stylish clothes to outfit your Sim. Sim celebrities make appearances all over Bridgeport and successfully befriending them will net you celebrity status. On the flip side, as a paparazzi you snap pictures of celebs with your cellphone and gain street cred by showing them off to your Sim friends.

Being a socialite is all about status and gaining popularity is at the heart of the Late Night expansion. Clubs and bars aren’t all accessible to just any Joe Schmo as most of them have a certain requirement to get in, and it’s up to you to make a name for yourself, be it with the aforementioned celebrity status, a hot shot paparazzi, or joining a band and rocking the late night clubs.

Setting up your own band and watching them rise to success is yet another gratifying experience. Once you get over the initial hump of learning an instrument and getting your band together, playing a gig will make crowds will flock to the stage as you perform rocking tunes. Watching your bands rise to success is both satisfying as it is rewarding since it pays a nice sum of Simoleons. Fame is the goal for both rock stars and celebrities, though celebrities have a harder time maintaining it since paparazzi are always trying to smear their name.

Once you're in the club, it's time to let your Sims tear up the dance floor and mingle with others. Bartending is also an option, which is a great way to make new contacts while mixing and pouring drinks. Since the Late Night expansion focuses on rising up that social ladder, what better place to meet people than bars right?

The supernatural returns in the form of vampires (cause they’re still hip?). You're able to meet different vampire families and even become one yourself. This changes the dynamic of the game by letting you go out only at night (duh), learn skills much faster and the ability to “turn” people at will. You too can live out your fantasy as a suave, club-going Edward Cullen and have ladies swoon over every Simlish word.

The city comes alive at night as neon signs and billboards populate Bridgeport, searchlights light up the night sky, and Sims in flashy night life outfits fill up streets. High-rise buildings require the use of elevators for the first time, to access your apartments. Another addition is the butler, which replaces the maid by doing everything from cooking dinner, cleaning the house, serving guests during parties and more.

The main problem is how incompatible it is with the previous expansions. Since celebrities and vampires are new, they don’t integrate into the old areas which are considered "suburbs." That means Bridgeport is its own secluded playspace. Integrating your existing family is a pain, and even when you get it to work, you lose out on all those hard earned relationship statuses, or even your family tree, so your best bet is to just create a new Sim (or Sim family) and start out in Bridgeport.

Overlooking the fact you might have to start from scratch, there is a ton of content to ensure your time spent with the Sims will borderline on the obsessive. The celebrity, rock star and vampire aspects change up the gameplay enough to keep it fresh even for those who have dedicated an unhealthy amount of hours to the game. You know who you are, and there is help.


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