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The Simpsons Road Rage - PS2 - Review

The Simpsons Road Rage is a taxi game set in Springfield.  Mr. Burns has created a fleet of nuclear buses and is irradiating the good people of Springfield.  Spotting a quick way to make cash, Homer converts the family car into a Taxi and the fun begins.

The Simpsons Road Rage offers over 30 characters (each with their own vehicle), 9 worlds, and real character voiceovers.  The characters even recognize who they are picking up and will respond differently if they know them.  The dialogue is great and everything a Simpson's fan could want.  But there is one small problem with the game.  It’s not the sound or graphics or even the excessive load times.  It's the fact that the definitive Taxi game has already been made.  Despite the Simpson's appeal this game simply can’t stand up to Crazy Taxi.  This is essentially a clone of the game that revolutionized driving games.   It’s a fairly well done one but the controls are not nearly as precise, the moves not nearly as cool and the concept is more stale than Apu's old donuts.

This is not to say that the creators at Fox Interactive did not make an attempt.  Over 30 vehicles is a feet in itself, and each one holds some comic significance to the series.  Bart for example drives his soap box racer, while Marge drives a Canyonero.  The in game dialogue is hilarious.  I feel even sorrier for Hans Moleman after playing this game and hearing his pleas.  "Take me somewhere happy".  As a loyal Simpson's fan I am delighted to have a game that can bring me some of what I wait for every Sunday night any day of the week, but as a reviewer I have to show my distaste for games that are simply trying to ride the coattails of success.  This is a game that will be carried by its name not its performance.


Gameplay: 7
Overly simplified controls.  Long load times. 

Graphics: 7.5 
Cartoony in 3-D.  But not as good as when Homer gets lost in the 3rd dimension.

Sound: 8
Great voiceovers.  

Difficulty: 6.5
There's not enough challenge in the game.  Once the characters are unlocked the fun is lost.

Concept: 7 
I love the Simpson's but I hate clones.

Multiplayer: 7
Available 2 player competition.

Overall: 7
This is a game for hard core fans or 9 year olds.  Great Christmas present for the kids.


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