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The Incredible Hulk - WII - Review

Comic characters have all but become mainstream in popularity the past few years with the help of big name directors and even bigger name celebrities to play the roles on film. Some of the most easily recognized comic book icons have leapt onto the big screen to try their luck against mainstream attention. The biggest, baddest, greenest character of all is due up, and he plans to hit a homerun in the box offices. Of course, with comic book-to-movie releases come movie-to-video game reiterations, and the new Incredible Hulk movie is no exception. Edge of Reality decided to take on the gargantuan feat of shrinking the green monster down to television size. Unfortunately for Edge of Reality, The Hulk wasn’t as generous to them as he was to the movie theaters.

The initial idea behind “The Incredible Hulk” was to provide a storyline that walked in tandem with the movie release, depict The Hulk as he should rightly be viewed, and provide a fully destructible environment for players to smash through. EoR was able to do all of these, but none of them were executed with exact precision. The lack of sharp edges at completion left me only with a sense of wanting more from the product.

The Incredible Hulk’s storyline was slightly structured in a positive manner, but did a very poor job of maintaining a course alongside the new movie’s stellar path. The only portions of the video game that seemed to fit in with the movie’s concepts revolved around small snippets of recreated scenes that only lasted a few seconds at a time.

The main campaign only lasted around 8 hours before completion. Each mission seemed to use the same types of schemes, ranging from protecting an individual to destroying the enemy and fetching a specific item. The blandness of each mission really makes the overall experience seem drawn out and mundane.

Fortunately for customers, there are other ways to occupy your time in the vast world of The Hulk besides playing through a mildly entertaining storyline. Players can play in a multitude of mini-games, as well as go searching through the streets for 200 power-ups. You could also rampage over buildings and destroy everything in sight, but that’d probably get boring pretty quickly.

On a visual level, The Incredible Hulk looks watered down and sponge dried. Edge of Reality made the mistake of attempting to compress the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game for the Wii. This mass of data simply did not transfer well into the Wii version. Instead of seeing massive travelling environments, such as those found in Grand Theft Auto, the player only sees a vast haze lingering in the distance. If the player climbs to the top of a building and intends to scope out the view, all he or she will see is a foggy area covering any locale below you.

The graphic downfall does not stop with depth perception. Nothing in The Incredible Hulk stands out for the player to drool over and even though the environments are fully destructible, they are not attractive while being dismantled. If EoR would’ve scaled down the Wii version slightly, the overall product may have been much more enjoyable on the eyes.

The lack of attention paid to the Wii version of The Incredible Hulk does not stop with visuals. The control scheme also seems botched because of this. Actions were more-or-less matched with buttons in hope that everything would balance out. Wii owners expect motion, and The Incredible Hulk offers very little via the Wiimote.

The Incredible Hulk offers an enjoyable experience, but only one that will last a few days. For the avid Hulk fan, simply being able to run around and smash things up might please your inner green rage. But for the avid gamer, this installation in the Hulk franchise might leave the player feeling a bit… enraged.

Review Scoring Details for The Incredible Hulk

Gameplay: 5.0
Although a few of the boss battles are slightly interesting and challenge the player, the bulk of missions present little change in gameplay.  

Graphics: 5.0
Graphics are mundane and bland when compared to other iterations of the game on other systems. The haze outlying the character’s plane-of-view gets very annoying at times.

Sound: 6.0
Celebrities from the movie lend their voices, but unfortunately their skills are non-existent, as the voices sound as mundane as the graphics look.

Difficulty: Easy
As stated before, the missions get repetitive, as well as predictable. This formula creates little room for any form of challenge.

Concept: 5.0
Destructible environments are nothing new to video games, and The Incredible Hulk does nothing new with the concept to make it feel fresh.

Overall: 5.0
If you love The Hulk franchise, as well as destroying environments in Hulk-like fashion, then The Incredible Hulk is worth checking out. The short replay value should cause any gamer to question purchasing this game though.



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