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Tearaway Unfolded Review

A breathtaking adventure through a whimsical papercraft world

Tearaway Unfolded Review

Since it was released in 2013 -- heck, even before that -- I was intrigued with Media Molecule’s Tearaway, a puzzle-platformer set in a vibrant papercraft world. Unfortunately, I, like many others, never owned a PlayStation Vita. So I missed out on the game.

Thankfully, both Sony and Media Molecule have come to their senses and brought the papercraft world to PlayStation 4, where more than 20 million gamers can now enjoy this charming adventure.

Tearaway Unfolded is a buddy adventure in which you, the YOU of the world, travel along with a plucky messenger who has a unique message to deliver to, well, you. It sounds confusing, but I promise you it works. In order to deliver this message to you, YOU and the messenger must work together, utilizing each other’s strengths to overcome the various challenges and obstacles thrown your way.

What makes Tearaway Unfolded stand out to me isn’t the actual adventure, but rather, the way it’s presented. Tearaway Unfolded ditches traditional gameplay and graphics we’ve grown so accustomed to in this generation of hardware. The vibrant world that you will explore is built as if it were made entirely from paper, unfolding and coming to life as you explore. Being married to someone obsessed with papercraft, this was particularly appealing to me as the world is built realistically as if you were building it with paper in real life.

As for the gameplay, it’s not terribly difficult, but instead, innovative. Tearaway Unfolded is more about the experience than the difficulty, creatively making use of every unique feature in the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4.

As you can tell, I’m pretty high on this game, so click on over to the next page for a more detailed breakdown on the positives and negatives.

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