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Super Bubble Pop - GC - Review

Pop! Pop, Pop! Now speed up that sound to an almost machine-gun pace, and what do you have. A frenetic arcade game called Super Bubble Pop.

Jaleco Entertainment and Runecraft have teamed up to deliver this GameCube release, which is somewhat similar in nature to Bust-A-Move.

The idea of the game is rather simple.  Each level sports an assortment of balls on a gridded field. You choose a character and move along a horizontal plane, firing additional balls into the array. Line up three colors horizontally or vertically and the balls pop, and you score points. Clear the field and you advance to the next level.

The balls though will advance toward you. If they hit you, game over. Each completed round is scored.

The game sports a variety of difficulty levels to challenge almost everyone. There is the training level, which gives players the edge by highlighting matches and targets. There are also Chilled, Groovin’, and HardCore modes ­ each progressively more difficult.

Players can also collect pick ups, special balls that can provide power ups. There are nine special attacks in all.

The game has five different DJ poppers, each with their own style and moves. And the game sports four different soundtracks, each bubbly and upbeat. These soundtracks can get slightly annoying

There are only four real controls in a game. The control stick or d-pad controls the movement, A is for firing a bubble at the array, B is to fire the special attack and the X button fires the super attack.

The game is very colorful and lush, but the three-dimensional look gives way t a basically to dimension game. You avatar moves back and forth on a platform in front of the balls, firing away.

Super Bubble Pop bills itself as a puzzle game, and it is. It is also a quickly paced arcade outing. This is not the kind of game that will appeal to everyone, but it will appeal to those looking for a pleasant diversion or challenging puzzle.

This game is rated for Everyone.


Gameplay: 7
The pace is fast and there are 150 levels of play. The gameplay is basic and while you will need to recognize what is happening quickly, the game does require some reflexive ability as well.

Graphics: 7
The game is bright and colorful. The animation is also solid.

Sound: 6.8
While the music is supposed to be upbeat and fun, it can get very annoying, and sound like elevator disco. While the game sports a three-dimensional look, the action is strictly two-dimensional.

Difficulty: Medium
This is a game that requires players to move quickly, recognize the situations, and then react. The game does get progressively harder as you move along.

Concept: 7.5
The control elements are very simple, as is the interface. This is a game that has revamped an older game to give it a fresh look.

Multiplayer: 7.5
The game sports a split-screen head-to-head competition with a few options, including a handicapping feature, which insures move competitive play.

Overall: 7.2
This is the type of game that may appeal to a family setting. The action is fast-paced, the game is colorful and it requires recognition skills as well as reflexive. You must see the way the balls are lining up and then how to attack them. The use of some power-ups makes the task slightly easier, but this game is challenging.


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