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Steel Sound 5H headset - PC - Review

Steel Series 5H Headset delivers great sound with the gamer in mind

Did you ever put in a game that just begged you to crank up the volume, but had others complain to “turn that thing down!”

After all, a game, or even a movie or music, with a robust soundtrack needs volume to be enjoyed. Never fear, the Steel Sound 5H professional gaming headset is here. Comfortable and lightweight are the beginning traits for this headset and it gets so much better from there.

USB connection also gives way to the traditional plug-ins (if you so wish), and there is a volume control on the cord for greater access to the sound you hear. A snake cord winds the pull-out microphone into the left earpiece. While not overly long, it is adjustable to allow gamers to position it the way they like.

The microphone signal is crisp and clear and does have several settings to help boost or reduce signals as the case may be. And if you want extra length of connecting cord, the 5H headset has that covered as well. 

The earphones on this are full-ear and enclosed, meaning that they fully cover most ears and seal out outside sound.

But the cornerstone of any headset has to be the sound. The 5H phones shine here, with its own sound configuration interface that allows players to tailor the way they hear what is coming through. This device can be set up to emulate 7.1 surround sound, has its own mixer for both the headphones and the microphone, as well as an effects tab – essentially giving wearers all the options of some of the top end sound cards. You can set up the headphones to give the effect of a living room, a quarry, an arena or states of being drugged, dizzy or just psychotic. There is an equalizer that has preset one-button settings for rock, metal, jazz and nine other settings. And it even comes with a tab and settings for doing a little karaoke work.

The sound generated by the speakers in the headset is really good. Of course it will not fully realize the robust sound of a full-on speaker system, but for headsets, the 5H phones deliver high-quality sound that is a terrific aural experience.

The Steel Sound 5H headset is built for gamers and delivers in virtually every facet. There were a couple of games where the sound was not as robust as it could have been, and did sound a little tinny, but adjusting the settings for the headset improved that. When it came to listening to music, the headphones were wonderful and games that used surround sound sparkled.

The 5H headset is great sound realized.

Steel Series is the developer behind the headphones.

Review Scoring Details for Steel Sound 5H Headset

Comfortable, lightweight with an easy-to-use customizable interface.

On one occasion, the USB connection was pulled from the port and the computer had to be restarted to re-initialize the regular speaker system. Attempts to replicate that failed to produce the same error.

Verdict: 9.1
The sound is terrific, the tuck-away microphone is a delight and the headset itself is comfortable. With its own customizable interface, the 5H headset is a great way to experience games as well as other audio experiences.


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