Space Holiday (iOS) review

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Space Holiday is a charming puzzle game that tasks you to connect various stars without having any meteors in between.

Gameplay is kept simple with taps relegated to connecting the variously scattered stars. It wouldn’t be a puzzle game if there weren’t multiple kinds of stars in the game. Some have little wings and move throughout the level on paths, while other are dressed like ninjas and can destroy a meteor if another star is lined up with it. When you put all of the different kinds of stars on the same level, it shows how despite its simple gameplay, it can still prove to be somewhat challenging.

Space Holiday is a puzzle game, but don’t let that scare you away from it. A lot of the puzzles took me just a few tries to master (or get a 3 star rank) but they aren’t too difficult. The game uses an angry birds type star system depending on how many tries it takes you, how fast you complete the level, etc. Space Holiday could have been really picky with its scoring system, but thankfully it wasn’t.

While the game is obviously no graphic powerhouse, the cartoon graphics really do a lot to bring out the charm. From the overly happy stars to the grumpy meteors, and even your main character, you just can't help but smiling when you're playing through the game.

Space Holiday

The music in the game is catchy, even though I usually mute iPhone games to not annoy people around me. It’s definitely worth keeping the sound on in the game if you’re at your house or don’t care about the battery level of your phone.

Space Holiday might be the next game in line to be a big hit like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. A fun mixture of simple gameplay and a rewarding feeling upon completion will make gamers come back for more. I really enjoyed this iPhone game, which is also available on the iPad and iPod Touch. Definitely add it to your collection on September 13th.

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