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Skylanders SuperChargers Review

Does the original toy-to-video game concept come out on top this year?

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Skylanders SuperChargers

The Positives

  • Skylanders SuperChargers is a gorgeous game. Both on a technical and presentational level. Each character is absolutely brimming with personality, both the NPCs that are brililantly voiced and even the Skylanders and their animations. How is this not a kid's TV show yet?!

  • The vehicle sections are extremely fun. Admittedly, the Air and Land sections are much more satisfying and easier to control than the Sea sections. 

  • Younger players can take advantage of an alternate control scheme which allows the movement of each vehicle with a simple tilt of the analog stick, instead of having to hold down the Right Trigger or R2.

  • It's a pretty meaty game. With 13 levels spread out across 51 chapters, this is certainly a game that lasts a while. Add to that a slew of races that are completely separate from the main campaign.

  • The racing mechanics are top notch, at least as far as Kart-racer games go. The handling is fairly uncomplicated and easy enough for younger players to pick up and master in just a short time.

  • Skylander variety is nice, even though many are still unreleased, and are coming in future waves. The three I played the game with, Stealth Elf, Gill Grunt and Spitfire are all very unique to one another, as well as their respective vehicles.

  • Much like Skylanders, their SuperCharger vehicles can unlock mods for upgrades, which means you'll be able to switch various parts out for others, giving various boosts in stats. For example, one set of wheels for Hot Streak can improve its weight and thus its handling, while another set of wheels gives it extra speed. Upon pick up, they can immediately be equipped in a sleek upgrade menu.

Skylanders SuperChargers

  • It's convenient that this time around, you only really need just one vehicle type (Land, Sea and Air) to unlock all of the challenges found in the main campaign. You won't get access to every single individual Skylander challenge this way, but that's outside of the main campaign. It is important to note that you can finish the entire game with only just the starter pack, as the Air and Sea portions are optional.

  • Skylander Academy is once again an amazingly put together hub that weaves all of the various gameplay elements together. Here you can continue the story, compete in races, upgrade your Skylanders and vehicles, play Skystones, and much, much more.

  • Skystones are back! There are over 100 Skystones, some of which can be unlocked through gameplay, while others through Traps from the previous game. This time there's an addition of Vehicle Skystones, which can be summoned once a gauge completely fills up, and each one has some sort of special ability that can turn the match in your favor, or vice versa.

  • Voice acting is still top notch, with Patrick Warburton reprising his role as Flynn and Richard Steven Horvitz once again as the annoying Kaos. Again, why isn't this a TV show yet?!

The Negatives

  • Locking some of the cooler races, against or as villains, behind trophy packs that you can only get by buying the $35 adventure pack is silly.

  • Why do the vehicle designs have to be so awesome?! I'm supposed to be content with only one vehicle of each type Activision, and now you're making me spend more money! Seriously, Crypt Crusher?! How could I resist?!

  • It's not a TV show yet! Seriously, make it happen guys!

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