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Skylanders SuperChargers Review

Does the original toy-to-video game concept come out on top this year?

The day Disney Infinity was announced, I immediately thought "Stick a fork in Skylanders, they're done." After all, how would a series with completely original characters that no one has ever heard of (unless they played the games of course) compete with the likes of Mickey, Woody, and Elsa. Hell, even the Marvel and Star Wars crew is on board now. And yet, year after year, Skylanders continues to impress me with its innovations and tweaks to gameplay.

Whereas Disney Infinity has the star power, Skylanders possesses superb platforming and action gameplay. Even this year's Star Wars themed Infinity, which I was extremely excited for, simply can't hold a candle to SuperChargers' gameplay, and that's saying something.

This year's gimmick are the SuperCharger vehicles. They're no longer just figures on a base, but this time they're actual toys. I immediately channeled my inner five-year old and played with the included Hot Streak on my desk upon opening the starter pack (which was supplied by Activision). If that's not a good sign of things to come, then I don't know what is.

I then went out and spent an additional $50 or so on one of the action racing packs which included Gill Grunt, his vehicle as well as a trophy which unlocks additional races in the game, and I also bought the Stealth Stinger helicopter since Stealth Elf comes in the starter pack. This way I had access to every challenge in the game (Land, Sea, Air) and was able to experience most of what the game has to offer.

The game begins with a pretty cool twist. Unlike previous games where Eon summons you because Kaos is trying to take over Skylands, in SuperChargers, Kaos has already achieved this, kidnapped Eon and the rest of the characters, and completely shut off the Skylanders network. It's a unique approach to the story, that finally mixes up the same formula of games past.

Let's look at what makes SuperChargers so great, what's not so great, and our final verdict.

The Positives / The Negatives

The Verdict

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