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Secret Agent Barbie - PC - Review

Track clues around the world with Barbie and solve a thrilling spy adventure!

Kids will find it fun to travel the world with Barbie and to help catch the mysterious thief who stole the fashions and stop the creation of an invisible suit. Decode clues, solve puzzles, uncover the plot and courageously save the day!

Barbie can jump, tumble and sneak past guards to find clues, which at times is challenging and kids could become frustrated and loose interest, however replayability is almost certain due to the excitement of finishing a mission.

This game has great animation, color and sound. The background music that plays while Barbie solves missions is likeable and suits the surroundings.

The 3-D viewer allows you to change Barbie's outfit's to suit her missions. However the arrow control to do so, seemed somewhat harder to control and is a somewhat jumpy.

A simple geography lesson is noted for player's while Barbie travels to Paris, Egypt, Tokyo, Rio and New York.

Barbie's guide is Becky, who is an encouraging voice along the way. Other character's include, Christie, who is another agent who works with Barbie. Ken, who helps co-pilot the plane with Christie;. and a friend, Teresa, who's fashion's made of top-secret material are stolen.

The secret agent gadget's are amusing and useful. They include a telephoto camera, pink vision glasses, compact, wrist-glider, perfume tracker, lipstick recorder, and the cutest gadget, the robot spy puppy.

Install: Quick and easy.

Gameplay: 7
Use the keyboard arrow keys to easily move Barbie.

Graphics: 8.5
Clear and colorful with great animation.

Sound: 8.5
Sharp and clear with good sound effects.

Difficulty: 6
Younger player's may find it more challenging to complete the missions. 8-10 year olds should enjoy mastering the game and solving the puzzles. Reading hints out of the booklet will be helpful.

Concept: 7
Entertaining approach to problem solving in a realistic 3D setting.

Overall: 8.5
Hours of computing fun tracking down clues.


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