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Search and Rescue Vietnam Med-Evac - PC - Review

SRVME is a new title brought to us from the makers of the Search and Rescue series.  This is the next generation, stand alone successor to the storied series, placing you in command of the world famous UH1 "Huey" helicopter, as you fly rescue missions into the heart of war torn Vietnam during the American campaign.

This game features over 100 missions.  The best way to get started is the quick training missions to get you familiar with how to pilot your Huey. You can take some free flight missions to get comfortable with the way the chopper handles, and there are some training missions to help you along with all the other rescue responsibilities you will find yourself managing in the quite extensive campaign.  I have to admit, the developers boast that this is the most realistic game of its kind, and I must tell you, I believe them.  If you load up the game and expect that you can fly a helicopter with all the realistic settings turned on, think again.  Not to worry you can set the difficulty to easy which I needed to do.  Set the realistic settings to their fullest and you could probably handle your own chopper someday…that is if you don't know how to already fly one!

Ok, just what the game implies is search and rescue.  Locate your wounded in hostile territory, get your medic out there to assess the injuries, deploy means of getting them to the chopper and get him to the hospital.  Sound easy?  Now throw into the fray all the elements of weather, night and day, wind, fog, hostile fire, etc.  Yes you may be on the right track…it can be quite challenging.

Graphically the game is quite nice. I would of liked to see a bit more detail, but overall I was quite happy.  There are realistic effects that definitely added to the game like waves, rain, and the wash from your rotors at low altitudes.  The sound was quite good.  The sound effects were decent and the voiceovers were great.  I especially enjoyed when you approached your wounded sometimes you could hear them wailing in pain.  Nice touch.

All in all the game is quite worth having if you like the genre.  Even if you just want to get the real feeling of learning how to take flight in a Vietnam Huey.  I was quite impressed with how technical the manual can be with flight physics to give the player a nice start to becoming a chopper pilot.  Most players will probably set the settings to easy just to get up and playing, but the option is there to make gameplay very realistic.  A better tutorial might have been nice so I did not have to constantly refer to the manual, but that is a personal preference.  

Reviewer's Scoring Details

Gameplay: 8
You are going to have to give the manual a good once-over just to get off the ground.  But after an hour or so and a few training missions you should become quite comfortable.

Graphics: 8
Not eye popping per say, but were quite nice.

Sound: 8.5
sound effects and voice were good.  Realistic helicopter sounds and wailing injured soldiers added to the realism.

Difficulty: Hard
You have some options you can toggle to make the game a bit easier, but if you want to play at the full realistic level, you may need to spend a few hours just learning how to fly.

Concept: 8.5 
Not many games quite like this one.  I definitely enjoyed the change from the usual see how many bad guys you can kill.

Overall: 8.5
Very realistic with a joystick and pedals.  If you are playing from just a keyboard and a mouse, you may not enjoy the game nearly as much. 


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