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Saints Row: The Third - Gangstas in Space DLC review


The first downloadable mission pack for Saints Row: The Third, Genkibowl VII, launched last month, giving fans of the game exactly what they wanted: more Saints Row: The Third. Sadly, the package was light on content, and while it was certainly fun, it was clearly geared toward gamers who truly loved the main game and simply wanted to enter the city of Steelport once more. Here we are one month later, and the second mission pack for Saints Row: The Third has landed.

Gangstas in Space offers up three lengthy missions, a new story arc, debuting characters, and some unlockables. Unlike Genkibowl VII, Gangstas in Space is a collection of actual missions rather than a set of Activities. Because of this, the DLC feels a bit more fleshed out. Unfortunately, despite its more complete feel and higher fun factor, Gangstas in Space is still over way too soon.

The story revisits the Gangstas in Space film, which was first mentioned in the main game. A big-shot Hollywood director named Andy Zhen is in charge of the film, and it quickly becomes apparent that all he cares about is making the movie, releasing it, and making big bucks, regardless of who he offends while filming. The Gangstas in Space DLC takes place during the last few scenes of the titular film, and as the star, it is up to you to deliver a top notch performance alongside your co-star, who happens to be acting in her very first movie.

The first mission, or scene, has you gunning down military forces as you save a female alien. Upon rescuing her, it is up to you to man the turret on an armed vehicle as your co-star handles the driving. The second mission in the game plays out a lot like a lengthy shootout, featuring hordes of enemies along a large, linear map. The final mission takes places in the sky high above Steelport, where you have to shoot down enemy aircraft while your alien pal uploads viruses to multiple transmitters.

As far as quality is concerned, Gangstas in Space is great. The problem I had with the DLC--and the problem I imagine most gamers will have--is that it's too damn short. Getting through the entire mission pack takes about an hour. At $6.99, the value certainly fits, but I still couldn't help but want a few more missions. Also disappointing is the fact that the special laser weapons you acquire during these missions are only specific to the DLC and can't be used at any other time in the game.

Thankfully, you do get some new Homies and vehicles, which are all great additions to the main game. There are even a few new Trophies which are sure to please completionists. Be aware, however, that these missions can't be replayed once you clear them. So if you miss out on snagging those Trophies and then save, you're pretty much screwed, unless you create another save game, or until THQ and Volition release a patch that allows gamers to replay missions, which is reported to be coming soon.

Gangstas in Space is, for all intents and purposes, a much better DLC pack than its predecessor. The fact that you get to play actual missions as opposed to simple Activities is a huge plus, making the whole thing feel much bigger. This is a nice add-on to the main game, and if you've got a hankering for more Saints Row: The Third goodness, this is a decent buy. It's still really short, and the unlockable goodies aren't as cool as they were in Genkibowl VII, but if you want more Saints Row: The Third, Gangstas in Space is a solid, hilarious, and well-written download.

[Reviewed on PlayStation 3]


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