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Rugrats: All Growed Up - PC - Review

A PC game inspired by the Rugrats 10th anniversary television special.

While watching Dr. Spooky on TV, the babies are transported to his lab where they discover they aren't babies anymore - they are ten years older. To help them to get back to their own time you search rooms in Dr. Spooky's creepy castle to find parts to build an un-time machine. At the Hub room you can choose any of the characters: Kimi, Tommy, Dil, or Chuckie. You can go their anytime during gameplay to change rooms using the esc. key.

Angelica leads you through the game annoyingly with her wisecracks that she repeats over and over. You will want to go to the question mark in the hub room to learn the controls.

The first room you will go to is the Library where you need to find the Instruction Book to build the un-time machine. There you will try to avoid the books that will fall on you. This level took us the longest to figure out, it really helps to read the hints inside the instruction booklet.  Once you have the book you can choose the other rooms you want to go to. In the Basement you will look for a Robot Torso while dodging bats, falling boxes and steam leaks.  In the Attic you must find the TV Antenna while giant spiders swing towards you. My eight year old moved quickly through this level. The Greenhouse has kid-eating plants, bees, seed-spitting plants and falling fruit. There you must find the Giant Eggplant. The Lab is the final level where you need to go to set the Giant Clock that will start the machine and send the kids back to their own time.

Throughout the levels you will collect Spooky Spheres (small spinning planets). Each one is worth 10 points and there are 30 on each level. When you find all 30 spheres you can unlock that level's secret room behind a locked door, we found them somewhat difficult to find and then enter. Each of the five hidden rooms has 20 more spooky spheres. Once you get all 250 spooky spheres you can unlock a secret bonus character. No, it's not Phil or Lil, they are no where to be found in this game.

In the lower corners of your screen is the bonus timer which shows how much time you have left to complete that level to get your bonus points, which is somewhat difficult. You can also see how many spooky spheres you've collected and your total number of points.

My son enjoyed this Rugrats computer game, especially since the babies were all growed-up and out of diapers.

Quick and easy. Takes 125 MB HD space.

Simple side scrolling platform style. Control the Rugrats with your arrow keys on your keyboard. Make them run, jump and climb.

Simple animation.

Original Rugrats voices. Same background song plays, stops and then plays over and over again.

Easy keyboard control of characters. My eight year old completed the game and uncovered the secret character in a weekend. For ages 6-12.

Just for fun! Not allot of educational value. Some thinking skills, problem solving, memory and keyboard skills.

Rugrat fans will find this game has enough challenge to want to continue and uncover the secret player. After all - A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do, even when they're all growed-up.


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