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Review: Wizardlings on iOS tasks you to explore the realm of Skywind, one tile at a time


Today marks the release of another Square Enix iOS 'Tap RPG' Wizardlings, which will have you exploring the lands of Skywind as a wizard, and taking on various monsters.

Wizardlings is a cute, tile based RPG that puts you in the shoes of either a boy or girl wizard, on a quest to save the lands of Skywind from Darius Black, an evil wizard who covered the land in darkness. The gameplay revolves around walking around and exposing dark tiles, which reveal items, terrain, or monsters to fight.

While it doesn't seem all that involving at first, there is a lot to Wizardlings that isn't apparent from the get go. By uncovering tiles and collecting various ingredients, you'll have the ability to craft various elemental spells. These spells are then helpful when fighting monsters who are weak to certain types of elements. For example a floating fire monsters will be very weak to any water spell you throw at it, and believe me, there are a lot. Don't have the materials for a spell, that's fine, just use your standard attack on it as well.


The spells get increasingly difficult to make however, which makes sense because they end up doing far more damage that way.

The game is definitely not light on content. As you explore, you'll also be able to pick up a ton of collectibles that complete various sets of items, which can then be sold for a nice profit, and trust me when I say, there is a lot to collect. You'll also be able to outfit your character with various gear, wizard hats and wands.

The game undoubtedly looks gorgeous, as the characters, landscape, items and monsters are all very vibrantly colored. The game certainly has a stylized look to it, and the animations are all incredibly fluid, whether you're playing on an iPhone or iPad.


Unfortunately, since the game is FREE, you can guess that it comes with a catch. Like similar RPGs on the device, it works off of a 'power' meter, which allows you to perform tasks until it's completely drained. Then, you either have the option to wait a while until it recharges, or pay to fill it back up. I've always been slightly against these sort of games, since I'd much rather pay a premium price up front, and just have the game let me play it for hours on end. Still, it's obviously a successful formula since it doesn't seem to want to die out.

You can decide whether Wizardlings is the right game for you by heading on over to the App Store and downloading it for a price of nothing, which is why we recommend it. Also, for those on Android devices, Square Enix will be expanding available devices soon.


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