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Review: Perixx MX-1000 gaming mouse is both impressive and inexpensive


My first impressions of the MX-1000 have been quite shocking, this is because it has the feel of a high end mouse without the large price-tag. You've got the rubberized coating, a 2000 dpi sensor, two buttons for switching dpi and a really good program for customizing your mouse. So lets check it out!

Look & Feel

The MX-1000 looks pretty badass, The front of the mouse looks like something out transformers, it has 4 different led colors to pick from and you can change the led pulse settings via the included software.

MX-1000 color settings


How's the grip? Well, both claw and palm gripping feel great and give you full mouse control without feeling awkward or anything like that. Also the little triangle parts that poke out of the side of the mouse, are pretty sweet because you can rest both your pinky finger and thumb on them, which makes them a lovely ergonomic addition and helps you have more control for those 360 no-scopes!!

MX-1000 Side

Now the weight of a mouse is very important and the MX-1000 does not let us down. Although it's a very light mouse, you don't really notice that because you grip it so easily and comfortably. It also features a gold plated usb connecter and braided cable, which means its very light and you cannot feel any resistance when sliding the mouse left, right, up or down. additionally a braided cable knots and twists less (Or so I've found!)

MX-1000 Cable+Gold plated USB

As for the mouse buttons, they are very responsive while also not being too sensitive. The mouse can have 4 different dpi profiles that are changed via the two buttons located below the scroll wheel.

MX-1000 DPI Switch

Lastly and before you ask in the comments, you cannot feel the grooves of megatrons face on the bottom of your hand, because the main part of your hand rests just above it!!

How It performs

My opinion of the MX-1000's performance has been really good, while playing fps games such as Call of duty/Battlefield or War of the Roses  I have to say that its feels and handles absolutely amazing, In fact i prefer this mouse over my current the Logitech G700 (Odd I know)

But for RTS/Moba games the MX-1000 did not really get on with me since it felt uncomfortable with all that spam clicking!! So if your looking for a good  fps mouse, then the MX-1000 is for your!!

The included software allows you to change the dpi, store profiles on the mouses on board memory, rebind mouse buttons and change the led colors/pulse duration's


The good

  • Low price
  • Great build quality
  • Easy software with good features/options
  • Good entry level mouse for those who want to step up your game
  • Up to 2000 dpi
  • Really ergonomic

The bad

  • I did not really enjoy playing rts or moba's with it

I have found that the MX-1000 is a great little mouse that packs the punch of a high end $$$ mouse without the giant price tag  you've got all the features plus more for only 20-30 dollars/euros/pounds which really make this mouse a great buy if you want to step up your game!

You can grab the MX-1000 on Amazon

Additional Photos

MX-1000 frontMX-1000 top birdseyeMX-1000 side top

MX-1000 backMX-1000 frontMX-1000 front clickers

Technical Specifications

  • Metallic Cover with Rubber Painting Surface
  • Avago A3050 2000dpi Resolution
  • On-the-fly Adjustable 500-1000-1500-2000 DPI Switch
  • Switch Life Cycle: 10.000.000 Clicks
  • Onboard memory with user profile saving
  • 7 Programmable Buttons
  • Multiple colors with changeable pulse settings
  • Braided USB cable
  • Gold Plated USB 2.0 Connector
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