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Review: Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded is lackluster despite its fresh coat of paint

Larry in a theater

Larry Laffer is an infamous name in point and click adventure gaming, beginning life with Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards. The adult-oriented romp was one of the first of its kind, and though the character has evolved with his games over the years, the same spirit remains throughout the subpar current-gen games and spinoffs. Larry has remained an iconic character that is synonymous with the early days of more risque gaming.

Thanks to Replay Games, you can take a trip back to the past to relive Larry's first adventure in Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded. This reboot offers some new content, and fully-voiced dialogue to bring the 40-something virgin to life. It's not as fresh as we'd like, but at least it's an attempt at injecting new life into an integral part of adult video game history.

We first meet Larry, a cheesy middle-aged ma in a leisure suit who's traipsing around in Lost Wages -- yes, it's a clever play on Las Vegas. As Larry, you're free to explore the city, cut loose, and cavort with beautiful women. The only catch? Larry is a complete loser. Somehow you have to convince the "lucky" ladies you meet during your travels that it's a good idea to have sex with this unbecoming joke of a guy.


While the game is extremely raunchy (as to be expected) it still plays out like a classic point and click adventure game, with inventory management, puzzles, and a glut of locales to explore on the search for a "relationship." Where these familiar elements exist, unfortunately, the game can be quite tedious and repetitive. Amidst a backdrop of borderline sexist jokes, some tired cliches, and a ton of backtracking, Larry becomes abrasive and annoying.

Smaller sins that may have been forgiven upon the game's inception like the lack of casino fun and some terrible writing feel dated now, especially considering wasting money on slots and other various "Lost Wages" attractions was a good reason to languish in the original game. The "adventure" parts feel awkward, and dated, and the predictably horrible female stereotypes are offensive rather than funny.

Objectively, this isn't a terrific game. It relies solely on the value of nostalgia to carry it forward, hoping players who hungrily ripped through the original will seize this slickly produced remake and ride the wave of childhood happily through its multiple issues. Unfortunately, its dated jokes don't work anymore, its humor is easier to laugh at than with, and Larry himself feels sadder than ever. If you're looking for an "adult" adventure, there are far better choices out there these days, especially if you're willing to look for them. Pass on this one.


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