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Review: Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall adds even more variety to a recipe that works


In the very beginning of Dishonored, the Empress is killed and Corvo is framed for her murder; hence Corvo is dishonored, and you immediately understand the title of the game. Then, as Corvo, you meet the Outsider, get some powers, and end up going on an adventure of revenge.

You probably already know this story, though. I want to know some of the other stories that are going on in Dunwall. For instance, how about more about Daud? You know the guy that kills the empress that you deal with as Corvo? If you care about a bit more insight into him as a character, than you are 100% the person who should be playing Knife of Dunwall.

The character of Daud is far more complex than he seems on the surface. He’s not just some mercenary assassin who will take any gig if the money is good. He’s been visited by the Outsider, has powers similar to Corvo, has an troop of gasmask-wearing killers, and grows a conscience about the assassination on the Empress. Daud knows something is different after she is dead, very different from his previous targets. Once the Outsider appears before Daud and confirms this feeling is true, he sends Daud on a journey to learn the mystery behind a name “Delilah.”

Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall Sunset

So this time around, you play as Daud six months after the assassination of the Empress. Corvo is on the loose doing his thing, but the two haven’t met since the murder.

While Daud has the gift from the Outsider similar to Corvo, their powers still differ some. For instance, the blink ability still teleports Daud, like Corvo’s version, but Daud’s has extra flavor to it. As one of the most used powers in the game, I’m particularly in love with this change. If Daud isn’t moving, time will freeze while blink is activated. This opens mobility options that Corvo never had. You can literally jump off a cliff, hold blink to stop time, turn around midair, and blink to a platform above the one you jumped off of. For a game that boasts diversity in play styles, this opens numerous possibilities.

Since Daud doesn’t have the disgusting beating hearts that tell you cryptic messages, his version of Dark Vision (Void Gaze) shows Daud where runes and bone charms are located. Since he’s a leader of an assassin group, he can summon allies to kill and disrupt those in your way, and he can extend his abilities to them. Since you’re the leader, there's no reason to get your own hands dirty all the time, right?

Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall Arc Grenade

There's some new equipment as well. Chokedust grenades offer a nonlethal area-of-effect crowd control option to those who like low chaos in their games. Arc Mines are like portable pylons that you can throw to disintegrate enemies with ease. For those who thrive off murder and don’t mind a little chaos in their lives, these are a great option.

Unlike Corvo’s crossbow, Daud rocks an Assassin’s Creed-like wrist bolt shooter for normal and sleep bolts. Sure, they function the same as the crossbow, but they're still pretty sweet for flavor.

Knife of Dunwall is a solid buy for $10 or 800 Microsoft Points. There are three levels in total that will take you approximately three hours to finish, more if you are going for the full stealth run. Sure, the last level is a bit lacking, but the first two are beyond exceptional. For a Dishonored fan, I strongly recommend this DLC; play as the Knife of Dunwall. 

Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall Arrow Stab

[Reviewed on Xbox 360]

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