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Return to Castle Wolfenstein - PC - Review

It was raining late Saturday night.  We were sent in to infiltrate castle Wolfenstein.  There were rumors that the Nazi’s were involved in some kind of diabolical project that concerned the occult.  Details were sketchy at best that’s why we were sent in.  Unfortunately the clues were few and far between.  They pointed to an unseen horror that couldn’t be true.  My partner and I were captured.  He was taken down to the interrogation chamber.  I listened as he was electrocuted all the while helpless in my prison cell.  I could smell the burning flesh, and I knew my partner was dead.  I also knew that I was next. 

I wasn’t about to stick around, and wind up like charred toast.  When the next German foot soldier arrived I jumped him and stole his Luger.  I raced down the twisting corridors so I could put a bullet in the executioner’s skull.  Manipulating weapons and navigating through the intimidating halls was like putting on an old familiar glove.  Sure I could’ve remapped my controls, but everything was in the proper place.  Veterans will be pleased, newbies will learn with ease.  

I fought my way to the surface and took up a good spot behind some crates.  There was an ambush up ahead near the bridge.  I used my scope, and took out several Nazi’s with my rifle.  I raced to a machine gun nest, and opened fire on the rest.  Everything shook around me from the incredible force of the weapon.  The air was enwrapped with the sounds of a furious firefight.

I found the tram station and boarded.  The mountains were absolutely beautiful, but I wasn’t able to focus on the breathtaking landscape for long.  A Nazi sniper tried to fill my face with lead.  He was in the tower ahead.  I used my riflescope once more, and peered through the incredibly cool fog effects.  I lined him in my crosshairs, and squeezed the trigger.  A momentous clap of thunder broke the silence, as my aim was true.

Once I escaped the castle an allied informant helped me navigate through the village by giving me some equipment.  The streets were crawling with enemy soldiers, but I had to find the cemetery ruins on the other side.  All the clues pointed toward an archeological dig there.  I ventured through the dark catacombs beneath the village when voices of terror shattered the quiet halls.  I raced to the intersection, and saw three soldiers fighting for their very lives.  They were being attacked by strange dark figures that defied imagination. 

The creatures killed the soldiers and retreated into the darkness.  I was alone once again.  Then suddenly they reappeared from behind me.  I must of jumped clear across the room in shock.  They came after me with ferocious intensity.  Ancient warriors just thirsting for blood.  It was like a scene straight out of the end of Raiders Of The Lost Ark.  The dead were rising from their graves.  The Nazi’s were trying to harness the very power of evil and unleash it against the entire world.  We can’t let that happen now can we.  I sent as many of the creatures as I could back to hell.      

I made a report and informed my superiors of my findings.  They wanted more.  They always wanted more.  You will too as soon as you load this bad boy onto your PC.  This is a must have folks.  I haven’t had this much fun with a game in a long time.    


Install: Easy
A very interesting slide show with excellent music accompaniment.  Just goes to show the time and effort that was put into this product.

Gameplay: 9.5
World War 2 action up the ying yang.  Decent A.I. that can see you, and chase after you and plug your ass with fritz.  Intelligent level design with a mixture of run and gun explosive scenarios as well as sneak and snipe situations.

Graphics: 9.3 
The Q3 engine is frickin’ beautiful.  The environments and architecture add a sense of realism that just sends you head over heals into the story.  You don’t think about what you are seeing.  You just become engrossed.

Sound: 9.2
Excellent music that is situation sensitive.  The noises during battle put you inside a World War 2 movie ala Saving Private Ryan.

Difficulty: 8
You can choose to get your ass kicked by boosting the difficulty level.  Otherwise the challenges are well balanced, and well placed. 

Concept: 9
Anything involving World War 2 strikes a nerve in a positive way on many different levels.  The fact that this title is so good makes the whole Nazi occult plot even better.

Multiplayer: 8
Team play with lots of potential.  Lets start some monster clans out there.

Overall: 9.5
This is the one to get for the holidays folks.  Not a whole lot of new innovations to the genre, but oh what a blast to play.  Hands down a classic.


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