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Rapala: We Fish - WII - Review

Rapala has always been a major brand in the fishing world, and is now becoming a staple in video-games. Rapala has a number of fishing titles across many different platforms with the most recent hitting the Wii in the form of Rapala: We Fish.

In We Fish, you will take control of the ready-made characters available and are immediately be thrown into a tournament. This mode has a number of different difficulties landing you in different lakes in which you must be the first player to complete each goal. Each lake has a different goal and in order to win, you will be asked to those tasks such as be the first person to get 20 lbs. of fish or be the first to catch five fish.

We Fish's charm comes from the whacky fish, characters and environment. This is what worked well. The character and fish were very original and fun. This is a step in the right direction for similar titles on the Wii. The lakes are also themed. It offers some generic lakes but most of them are themed such as a Niles lake in which it is appropriately themed after Egyptian history with sphinxes occupying the side of the lake.

Unfortunately, We Fish falls short of really taking the fishing genre to a new level. Many problems will plague your experience and will ultimately end up as a frustrating experience.

One problem centers with the controls. Controlling your boat as well as fishing is done using the Wii-mote's motion sensors; the boat controls are especially cumbersome as the boat will get stuck when trying to turn around. As We Fish relies on being quick and turning in your fish as fast as possible, the controls will factor in to a lot of your losses.

Overall, Rapala We Fish could have been a breath of fresh air for the fishing genre, but it just didn't up developing that way. Controls will end up too frustrating for kids to actually enjoy the game as much as they could have.

Gameplay: 4.0
It had potential to be a ton of fun, but controls will take away from the fun that is supposed to be there.

Graphics: 7.0
The graphics were whacky, and they were quirky. It was just a fun environment to be in, and the only thing that could make it better if it would have had less blurry visuals in some environments.

Sound: 6.0
Some filler music and quirky sound effects made for an "ok" audio experience.

Difficulty: Easy

Concept: 6.0
We Fish's problems really destroyed what they really wanted to do with this game. Bringing wackiness and fun to a title like this is very new, but it just wasn't perfected this time around.

Overall: 5.5
Rapala: We Fish had the potential to be great. Players will find it fun before encountering the frustration of the game. For the average retail price of $30, you can find better quality titles for the Nintendo Wii to better occupy your video-game needs.


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