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Q*Bert - DC - Review

Q¤Bert has always been a favorite and now he’s even more lovable. You still play it the same old way, jumping on cubes to change the colors. Now you can also play the adventure mode or the head to head mode as well as the classic mode. There are lots of power ups in the Adventure Mode that includes, but aren’t limited too. Speed (makes Q¤Bert go faster), Sun (which destroys all Q¤Bert’s enemies), and the Key (which allows Q¤Bert to open doors and cages). There are different dimensions in the game and each one has it’s own little special effects and power ups. The Head to Head section pits Q¤Bert against Q¤Dirk and each character has to hop on his/her own colored cube. Players must also jump on as many of the green cubes as possible. Once each player has jumped on all his/her cubes and the last green cube is claimed you can move to a different level by jumping on the warp cube. There a several different cubes in the head to head section that have their own power up and special effects as well. I’d suggest that you make sure you have plenty of time to play this game, because it’s just as addictive as the original.

Gameplay: 8
It’s fun.

Graphics: 7
Basic cubes and colors

Sound: 7
Q¤Bert’s version of swearing is hilarious.

Difficulty: 6
It varies with each level.

Concept: 8
Well done!

Overall: 8
For pure entertainment value this is it

Cost Vs Actual Worth:
It’s Q¤BERT what more can I say?


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