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PS2 Rental Case - PS2 - Review

If you’re anything like me, you can’t go anywhere without your Playstation 2. Well, maybe you’re nothing like me, but you still like to take your PS2 to a friend’s house or on a trip. There are tons of carrying cases on the market right now for the Playstation 2 that boast different things. Some go for convenience, while others go for the most pockets, buckles, straps, and zippers they can fit on one thing. Dreamgear’s Rental Case strives for the most important thing of all: safety.

As the name clearly states, this new case is probably meant for rental systems. What this means is that the case was made to fit no more than the bare minimum. This is both a good and a bad thing. The bad thing about that is that there’s no room to hold your games and a PS2 with a Network Adapter on it won’t fit. The good thing is that your Playstation 2 and controllers are fit snug, keeping them from tumbling around as you travel.

The Rental Case is definitely the safest case for your Playstation 2 that I’ve ever seen. The outside is made of heavy duty hard plastic which means nothing will poke through to your system and anything that happens to hit the case won’t be transferred through to the console. The inside is filled with high quality padding that has holes cut into it for the system, controllers, and wires. This padding does a great job at absorbing shock since everything fits into it so nicely.

The Rental Case closes securely with two buckles on either side of the handle. The whole case is a conveniently storable size making it easy to put away when not in use. It’s very portable and doesn’t need anything like shoulder straps or wheels.

Dreamgear’s Rental Case is a safe and convenient way to take your PS2 with you. It’s size and structure makes it the best choice for transporting your PS2. The cons of the Rental Case aren’t too big of a drawback. If you’re trying to get your Playstation 2 from one place to another in one piece the Rental Case is a perfect solution.

Reviewer's Conclusions

The Rental Case provides a safe mode of transportation for your Playstation 2. Everything fits snug into the padding inside the hard outer shell. It’s also simple and easy to load and unload your gear from the case; there aren’t any straps or pockets to get in the way. 

There’s absolutely no room for games in the Rental Case, and the Playstation 2 won’t fit if you have a network adapter.  

Verdict: 8.7
It’s hard to go wrong with a Playstation 2 carrying case. The only thing that really becomes a problem with the Rental Case is the lack of space for games; otherwise it’s a perfect case. It does a wonderful job of protecting your system with all the padding on the inside to absorb the shock of any blows that happen to fall upon the case. The hard plastic also helps in protecting the contents of the case. If you’re looking for a way to transport your Network Adapter-free Playstation 2 and don’t mind bringing a backpack along for games, Dreamgear’s Rental Case would definitely be the best case to buy. 


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