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Project Gotham Racing 3 - 360 - Review

Ah, Xbox, you have given racing fans like myself a healthy dose of racing action with Project Gotham Racing and followed it up with a sequel we still talk about in our sleep, thanks to its addictive Xbox Live online multiplayer. Oh, those were good times but now the Xbox 360 is here and Project Gotham Racing 3 is the next generation of racing game and it not only looks great but it also plays like a dream.


Released as a launch title, this third addition to the stylish PGR series isn’t a rushed production nor will it simply serve as eye candy to show off the 360’s graphical powers (although the visuals are, well, impressive). This is a genuine sequel with all the familiar touches and gameplay mechanics of past Project Gotham Racing games (like earning Kudos, points gained by performing stylish combo moves during races) only with new additions and even more style. Sure, it will still feature a plethora of licensed vehicles and there’s still the excellent online multiplayer but somehow the series feels even smoother on the new console.

You start the game’s single-player Career by purchasing the only car you can afford at the moment and placing it in your garage but don’t worry because the available list of affordable cars aren’t nothing to sneeze at and they certainly do the trick on London’s racing circuit. Once again, the career takes you around the globe and this time around you’ll be racing courses in Las Vegas, Tokyo, New York City and even N


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