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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D Review


Nintendo 3DS users haven't had the most impressive library of 3D games so far. Wait, what's that? Is it the 3DS game that owners have been waiting for? It's a--soccer game?! It's a mighty fine soccer game, though. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D is a quality entry in the series, and a challenging, fun game to play on the 3DS.

It doesn't hurt to know a little about soccer before you start playing the game. It can be a little intimidating when choosing a team, mostly because there are multiple leagues with an bevy of teams to choose from. Some of the squads are a little out-of-date roster-wise, but the huge selection should keep soccer fans happy.

The game plays smoothly on the 3DS and is capable of handling the on-field action while adding some visual flair. The 3D is impressive when just looking at the screen and enjoying the visuals. However, while playing the game, you might be tempted to turn the 3D off. It can become a burden on your eyes as the 3D clashes with your ability to track the ball.

The controls are tight, with little to no lag. There are three different types of passes at your disposal to keep ball control in your favor. While shooting is a little difficult at first, after a couple of games it becomes much easier. On defense, tackling is a little difficult. Also, stopping the opponent from attacking your goalie can be difficult when the AI automatically switches you to another defender as you attempt a tackle.

Formations and team strategy are controlled from the bottom touch screen, so you can change your team's approach at any time.

What keeps PES2011 3D from greatness is the lack of online play. Wireless play is your only option for multiplayer. That means two people have to be on a wireless network and both must own the game. For the present, it doesn't seem like too many people own this game. So much for any form of multiplayer. What it lacks in the multiplayer department, though, it makes up for in the single-player modes.

The game has a mode called Master League, which lets you create a team and play through multiple seasons. Players receive points and revenue, which can be used to replenish their rosters when they retire. You must battle for free agents against other clubs and get into bidding wars. The game polices itself by not letting you obtain all of the best players on the same club, maintaining the difficulty of the mode.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D is a good addition to the 3DS library and a must-have for hardcore fans looking for a soccer fix. It offers pretty 3D visuals, a league mode, and quick games of exciting soccer. If you can live without real multiplayer options, then this is a game for you; if you can't, then you might want to consider waiting for another soccer game with online capabilities.


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