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Prehistorik Man - GBA - Review

Both published and developed by Titus Software, Prehistorik Man puts a single caveman named Sam against an army of dinosaurs, spiders, monkeys, and many other dangerous animals. Armed with only a club and five friends, he must make his way to the dinosaur graveyard to save his village. Prehistorik Man is rated “E” for everyone.

You start the game as Sam, a caveman that’s been chosen to save his village. All your village’s food has been stolen by “greedy dinosaurs” and you, along with five others, must venture to find the great dinosaur graveyard to collect bones. With these bones, you will be able to afford enough food to last through the winter. Along the way, you have to collect food to feed the villagers until you can get all the bones. For completing the mission, the village chief has offered his daughter’s hand in marriage as a reward.

Along your way, each of your five allies will provide you with information or helpful items. The blacksmith will make new weapons for you, the village chief will give you helpful information that is needed to pass an obstacle, and the shopkeeper will sell you different items such as helpful hints or saves.

Each level has a certain amount of items to pick up, and at the end of each level, you are rated on what percentage of those items you found. Many are hidden in secret areas that get harder and harder to find as the game progresses.

Sam has a fairly wide variety of attacks. One way is to go the way of Mario and just hop on their heads, but don’t forget his trusty caveman club - it’ll prove more useful much more often. Sam also has a caveman scream that knocks out all the enemies onscreen, but it takes awhile to recharge. Also, in some levels the blacksmith will make you a new weapon that may be better for that level, but be careful, they don’t last forever.

One (and probably my only) complaint is the fact that you have to buy your saves…meaning you have to wait until you can access a store before saving. This can be a pain when you just want to play one quick level, because you’re forced to keep playing until you get to a store. What’s even worse is that to save you have to write down a slightly lengthy password. This makes it inconvenient to play on the road, because you have to bring along a little notepad or something to record your passwords on or look up your last password, otherwise you’re stuck playing the first couple of levels over and over again.



Gameplay: 8
The gameplay is very easy to get used, and quite entertaining. It’s simple and fun, and anyone could just pick it up and play. It can get a little difficult in the later stages, but just like in the old days, each enemy and boss have their own patterns and strategies to beating them.

Graphics: 9.5 
The graphics are great. They might exceed the expectations of many gamers. Enemies appear clearly on screen, it stays at a constant, smooth framerate, and it’s very colorful and one of the easier games to see on the Gameboy Advance’s unusually dark screen.

Sound: 9
The sound in the game is great. The music is composed of catchy tribal beats that go with the game like bacon goes with eggs. Also, Sam occasionally makes funny noises when he runs into a wall or is hit by an enemy. The music and sound effects are what I thought as being some of the most entertaining elements of the game.

Difficulty: 4
It starts out very simple as you get used to the controls, then it grows a bit harder as you progress. It never really gets frustratingly hard to where you want to throw your GBA out of the window of a moving van.

Concept: 7 
The addition of goofy characters and a somewhat humorous story to the traditional platformer was a good idea. It adds something a little more than just jumping on the bad-guys’ heads. The password save system is what really hurts it though. There were many times where I was away from home with my Gameboy Advance and wanted to play Prehistorik Man, but I had left the piece of paper with my password on it at home. So, I ended up just not playing the game, or starting all over again. It’s very inconvenient, and it definitely hurts the overall score of the game.

Overall: 7.8
I really liked this game, but the few, very annoying parts of it hurt its reputation with me. Some people might not mind things like password saves and really enjoy 2D side-scrolling platformers, and I highly recommend this game to those people. But if all you’re looking for is a fun side-scroller that’s easy to play as well as put down when needed, there are plenty of other options. I still encourage that everyone try this game, but borrow a friend’s copy first to see if it is worth the money to you.


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