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Power Rangers Ninja Storm - GBA - Review

The Power Rangers first hit it big on the Saturday morning TV circuit a good ten years ago, and they were quite popular for a while.  However, it didn’t take long before the show got far too convoluted for its own good with actors coming and going and different robots and such that the show lost much of its huge following.  However, the show is still around, albeit in a much different form.  Power Rangers: Ninja Storm represents the latest incarnation of the series.  The game puts you in control of the six Ninja Storm Power Rangers and their Megazord (giant Voltronesque robot) as they battle Lothor’s evil plan to (what else?) take over the world.  The side scrolling level design is easy enough to navigate, but gets boring way too fast.  All in all, Ninja Storm is just another weak game based on a waning license.


The story is as follows: you play as the Ninja Storm Power Rangers as they battle Lothor’s various cronies through out the City.  They range from giant mutant flowers, giant moles and Lothor himself.  You can control the three Wind Rangers, two Thunder Rangers and the samurai-style Green Ranger, each with unique abilities that will help them on their journey.


The game design is very simple.  The gameplay is standard side scrolling, requiring you to jump, slash and shoot your way through linear stages of enemies.  An interesting twist in the gameplay allows you to switch between Wind or Thunder Rangers at any point in the game, and since each of them has unique powers (like the Blue Ranger’s ability to walk on water), this can come in quite handy.  However, the gameplay is extremely simple and repetitive and most gamers will get bored of the redundancy quickly.  Luckily, the Megazord battles are around to disrupt the repetition.  Unfortunately, these sequences (which aren’t in real-time and simply require you to press a button at the correct juncture) feel cumbersome and aren’t very fun at all.


The graphics are pretty good, but not great.  The Rangers are colorful and nicely animated, as are much of the enemy sprites.  However, the backgrounds are drab and undetailed and the Megazord battles look overly pixilated and weird.


The sound effects aren’t quite at the level they should be for a Game Boy Advance game.  The music is bloopy and sounds like something out of an 8-bit game.  There are a few digitized sound effects, but nothing too extravagant.


Power Rangers: Ninja Storm is pretty redundant game with a weak license.  While the graphics are kind of nice, nothing else seems to be working for this less-than-average game.


Reviewer’s Scoring Details

Gameplay: 5.0
The game is a side-scroller with easy to grasp gameplay with some interesting elements, like the ability to switch between Rangers on the fly.  However, the game is extremely repetitive and grows boring very quickly, and the Megazord stages are cumbersome and not fun.

Graphics: 7.0
The graphics are a mixed bag.  The game features some pretty nice character models and animations, but the environments are extremely bland and lack much detail or variance.

Sound: 5.5
The game features some good digitized sound effects, but the music is sub-par 8-bit quality.

Difficulty: Easy                                                                                                                         

Concept: 5.0
The game seems to be an attempt to squeeze a dated license, and comes up very short.

Overall: 5.0
Power Rangers: Ninja Storm has some good graphics, but the rest of the game falls up short due to redundancy and boring level design.



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