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Polk Striker Pro ZX Gaming Headset Review

Polk does it again

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striker pro zx


The Verdict

Once again, Polk has made a product that I feel has the gamer’s needs at heart. There’s not a ton of bells and whistles. What the Striker Pro ZX offers is a comfortable, versatile gaming headset with some of the best sound quality that you’ll get in the $150 price range. If you use multiple consoles and want a headset that can transition seamlessly between all of your devices -- and don’t want to spend $250+ -- Polk offers one heck of a product here. Though I personally preferred the less chunky microphone of the Striker ZX, and some of my issues with that headset were still present here -- the Striker ZX Pro has so many positives (clear sound, nice punch with the bass, amazing comfort) that the negatives get outweighed.

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