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Pokken Tournament Review

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Pokken Tournament Review

The Verdict

I'm a little confused whether Pokken Tournament is meant for a casual crowd, a hardcore crowd, or perhaps even both. The mechanics are simple enough for anyone to simply pick up and play, and potentially master, but the game does seem to have some slight nuances to give it an edge in the competitive space. Considering Pokken Tournament is already schedule to headline EVO 2016, it seems that both Nintendo and Bandai Namco are considering the game to certainly be competitive enough to appeal to the hardcore fighting game market. However, my time with it didn't really showcase that, at least not on that level.

The game itself is fantastic though, and truly captures the intense battles as they would happen in real time, as opposed to their turn-based counterparts. However, the extremely low character roster made up of some questionable Pokemon is certainly disappointing. If Pokken Tournament's popularity justifies a sequel, then I really hope that the team working on it does a better job at integrating a bunch more Pokemon, and perhaps make the campaign a little more meaningful.

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