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Pokémon Picross Review

Catch within your means

Pokemon Picross

Much mystery still surrounds Nintendo’s direction for their plunge into the mobile market, but if recent titles are any indication, the likelihood of established IPs taking center stage is particularly high. Even prior to the Pokémon-themed free-to-start titles released this year – namely, Pokémon Shuffle and Pokémon Rumble World – Pokémon Art Academy appears to have set a precedent for additional hybrids to come in the future. Falling under this definition is the unexpected announcement and now release of Pokémon Picross. It’s a pairing that few will contest, but there is a question of whether or not Nintendo is simply using the IP as a skin for a vanilla Picross game burdened by microtransactions. Wisely, Nintendo has taken a different route, demonstrating that should this tailored approach spill over into their mobile efforts, they just might be ahead of the curve.

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