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Planet of the Apes - GBC - Review

Taylor was one of USNSA’s top astronauts, but since arriving at a strange planet, he mysteriously disappeared. No communication and no knowledge of what he encountered, which may have been responsible for his disappearance.

USNSA has launched a retrieval mission, and guess who has been picked for the assignment.

Planet of the Apes – for the GBC from Torus Games, Visiware and Ubi Soft – is a two-dimensional arcade game that may be ill equipped to display its charms properly on the small screen. Yes, there are collectible items, but some are so small that it is tough to make out just what they are.

The game states that as astronaut Ben, you will be armed only with your wits and a few objects found scattered through the levels in order to complete your mission. But don’t despair, some of the items are quite handy – like a machine gun.

Of course, on this planet, apes rule and humans are secondary creatures. There are other creatures that will pose a threat to your health bar, and thus, your existence. The general idea of the game is to traverse each of the 10 levels, collect all you can to aid you in the quest, defeat anything that can’t be avoided, and – with Nova by your side – uncover the story behind Taylor’s disappearance.

Taylor has done his part by leaving flags behind. Collect all the flags on a level, and you will be rewarded with a health pack. This is only one of several power-ups, which will keep Ben going.

If you were looking for a game that made you think of the recently released movie – this isn’t it. Instead, this game harkens back to the older films.

The game uses still cartoon frames to introduce the game itself, and though the text can be hard to read, it still does a nice job of capturing the overall mode of the game. The animation is well rendered, and the different levels are lushly drawn. If there is a drawback to the game, it is that the whole game has been condensed to fit the monitor – so much so that some of the collectibles are hard to distinguish.

Controls on this platform are kept simple: the D-pad controls Ben, the A-button is used to jump or activates the currently equipped item. The B-button is used to equip or unequip an inventory item.

The sound is standard for the platform.

Planet of the Apes is a challenging game, though it really does not stand apart from the bevy of other arcade games.

This game is rated for Everyone though it does contain some violence.

Gameplay: 7
The levels are challenging, and diverse. The game itself moves well from one scenario to the next.

Graphics: 7
The animation (like things like Ben crawling or rolling) and environments are well done. The biggest setback is the size of some of the objects.

Sound: 6
This soundtrack sounds like a lot of similar-genre games. A real bet was missed here, considering the game’s premise.

Difficulty: 7
This game has kept the controls simple, while ensuring that each level is challenging.

Concept: 6.5
One gets the feeling that this game is merely trading off on the name of the recent film when it actually looks more like the older films.

Multiplayer: N/A

Overall: 7
This is a solid arcade game, though not particularly outstanding. Still, the animation is very good for a GBC program.


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