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Planet of the Apes - GBA - Review

As astronaut Ben you are sent to find your ally, Taylor, before the ape empires savage manhunt closes in.  This game is based on the original stories of the first films. Using only your wits and the items you can find, you must battle your way through an army of apes.

There are 10 levels to this game to explore, the ape city, the beach, the underground and more.

Fight with a knife, your only line of defense in the beginning of the game. 
The pistol, a handgun which can be used to take out ape soldiers from short range.
The rifle, the standard issue weapon of the ape army.
And the machine gun.

The items you need to aid you in your quest are the USNSA flags, left behind by Taylor in the event someone came looking for him.
The health pack and the bread restores Ben's energy.
And the keys to unlock doors.

The screen display shows you the health meter, which displays how much health Ben has left.  The flag counter, you need to find all 10 flags.  And Inventory, current items and the ammo bar.

After a level has been completed, the tally screen will appear.
It will show you how long it took to complete the level, how many enemies were defeated, and how many flags were collected.

At the end of each level you are given a password that will enable you to continue from that level.

The graphics are awesome with lots of detail in the background scenery.

Although rated E for everyone, I felt this game may not be suitable for younger players because of the violence and difficulty involved completing each level.

What I liked best about this game is the story-line.  The search for Taylor on our planet from the future.

Easy controls allow you to run, jump, crouch, roll and climb. 10 levels that keep you coming back for further exploration.

Impressive detailed 3-D scenic backgrounds.

The background music is suitable for this bizarre and deadly world. Not alot of vocal sound effects, some grunts.

Easy controls, however, the game levels are quite challenging to complete.

Sci-Fi  buffs should appreciate this game based on the original Planet Of The Apes movies.


If you like to complete a game quickly or frustrate easily this game may not be right for you. However, if you'd like a good challenge in our world from the future, then the battle for survival begins here.


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