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Peripheral Vision: Logitech G400S

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A mouse should function as an extension of a gamer's hand, so finding the right fit can be a challenge. Today we are closely inspecting the Logitech G400S to see if it meets our insanely high gamer standards. Features include up to 4000 dpi, 8 programmable buttons, ergonomic right-handed design based on the G400 & MX518, and awesome software.

The G400S looks and feels just like the G400 or MX518, and it would appear that the whole concept behind the G400S is a rebranding of Logitech's old products with a few upgrades thrown in.

Now, the old G400 has been known to have some cable problems. A lot of users had their G400 crap out on them because of the cable. During one of Logitech’s press events, they did mention that they’d reinforced the cable, but I won’t be able to vouch for them because I only spent about a month with this mouse -- not enough time to truly put the cord through its paces.

The G400S feels very nice, especially when palmed, although you can claw it if that's your preference. You’ve got standard shiny plastic on the top with some decals, and there is a lovely rubbery grip on both left and right sides for those sweaty moments, though it’s not quite the standard rubbery type finish Razer or other companies typically use.

As for buttons, you have the two thumbs, a dpi lower and dpi swapper. Don’t worry if you have no use for them, because you can change every button via the lovely Logitech software. Overall the G400S is exactly the kind of mouse a simplistic player such as myself enjoys. You’ve got the standard buttons with nothing too fancy, and it has a nice ergonomic grip that even includes a little bit that pokes out on the bottom of the mouse to stop your thumb dragging. Personally, I think the decals could use a little work, because the G400 in plain black looks nicer. But hey, that's just me.


The Logitech G400S uses great software; you only need to download the 50mb program, install, and boom, you’re good to go. Additionally, the same software works with all the other Logitech mice/keyboards, meaning you just need one program for everything. Oh, and the software requires no Internet connection, unlike certain others...

Logitech G400s

Logitech’s G400S is a basic mouse aimed at gamers who are looking for something simple from a trusted company. However, the whole cable issue may scare a few buyers away, especially when those issues are being discussed all over the Internet.

I played a good 5-6 hours of Counter Strike, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, DayZ and many others. Everything has checked out fine, and I’ve had zero problems setting up and using the mouse. It just plain works.


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