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Ratchet & Clank - PS2 - Review

While Ratchet Clank's play mechanics differ from other games in the genre, the controls are mostly the same. The camera is very flexible, more so tha


Davis Cup Tennis - GBA - Review

Serving up some fun court action, Ubi Soft is here to deliver Davis Cup Tennis for the Gameboy Advance. I have never played tennis on any console, mu


Wings Advance - GBA - Review

The turning radius isnt much to brag about. It has a tendency to stall when climbing too sharply. Landing when shot full of holes is almost a sure on


Defender - PS2 - Review

Following hot on the heels of its successful remake of Spy Hunter, Midway is now releasing Defender, a remake of the highly addictive shooter from th


Myst III: Exile - XB - Review

Ill have to admit here that Myst was not my favorite game when it was hugely successful back in the early 1990s. Having been the top-selling PC game


Colin McRae 2.0 - GBA - Review

The racing genre has never been overly popular on the Game Boy systems, mainly due to the platforms' limited technology. Game Boy Advance is powerful