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Monopoly 3 - PC - Review

Ah, money, property, power! Monopoly speaks to all these desires of ours in a true escapist form, which considering the state of the stock markets an


Battlefield 1942 - PC - Review

After getting a glimpse of Battlefield 1942 at this year's E3 I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy to review. Well, I finally have and, as expec


Freekstyle - GC - Review

Its part of the sick nature of being a human to enjoy watching others put their lives at risk. Fellows like master escape-artist Harry Houdini and th


Dual Blades - GBA - Review

In the quest for immortality, warriors are gathered for a brutal battle. One shall survive to face the greatest warrior of all. Should he or she prev


Chessmaster 9000 - PC - Review

Some lesser chess programs have come and gone throughout the age of computer gaming, but Chessmaster remains the leader of the list. Chessmaster 9000


Chessmaster - GBA - Review

Several years ago, Chessmaster came out for the Game Boy. Now, it is back for the Game Boy Advance. This is a much more detailed version, though it i