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Denki Blocks - GBA - Review

OK s the deal with all these clone puzzle games out these days? It seems like almost any puzzle title out, from Puzzle Fighter to Egg Mania, uses the


MechAssault - XB - Review

For a very long time, men have dreamed about robots and piloting them. Over the decades, there have been many comics, anime, and even games made on t


Kakuto Chojin - XB - Review

The day has aged rather quickly. Night consumes the natural light source just as wrinkles consume the skin of those who spend too much time in the su


Defender - XB - Review

Many moons ago, a side-scrolling shooter called Defender shined brightly in arcades. The game had quite a bit of freedom for its time, allowing you t


Pro Rally - GC - Review

The Subaru Impreza drives through the twists and turns of the hilly Spanish course, using controlled slides to whip the rear end around before stompi


Outlaw Golf - GC - Review

Ah the peace and quiet of the local golf course. Usually, when I think of golf I think of green grass, trees, and just good old-fashioned competition