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SeaBlade - XB - Review

It is now the twenty-fourth century, the Earth is devastated, and most of the land has become submerged in water. The world has been split into two f


Dr. Muto - XB - Review

The platformer is one of the oldest game genres around, and since its inception so many years ago, developers have done little to really innovate it.


Backyard Football - GC - Review

It is possible to play around with a proven winner too much. Humongous Entertainment, and Infogrames, have scored well with the Backyard series of sp


Zapper - GC - Review

OK usually when I think of crickets, I think of fishing bait since thats one of my summer activities. Well, Infogrames has changed my thinking in the


Resident Evil Zero - GC - Review

This game needs no introduction. that will make you continue reading. Because this is Resident Evil Zero, the first Resident Evil game developed excl