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Rocky - XB - Review

A little more than twenty-five years have passed since Sylvester Stallone starred in a movie (he also wrote the script) about a Philadelphia boxer tr


FIFA Soccer 2003 - PC - Review

Another hard shot from 25 yards out rockets toward the corner but Bayern Municht recognize the gamepads connected to the PC. However, after uninstall


Arx Fatalis - PC - Review

No memory, and from the looks of it, not much of a future. All he knew was that he awoke in a goblin jail cell, almost naked with no idea of whom he


Reign of Fire - GBA - Review

Reign of Fire on the GBA is based on the feature film of the same name and is one of many movie-to-game titles released this holiday season. But unli


FIFA Soccer 2003 - GC - Review

The forward receives the pass from midfield, but instead of simply controlling the ball, uses a heel touch to send it to another streaking striker. T


Sega Sports(tm) NHL

With the release of some pretty stellar sports titles recently, this has been an especially great year for hockey gamers. Both EA Sports (NHL 2003) a