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Dead to Rights - PS2 - Review

Namco's Hollywood inspired action game, Dead to Rights, which was released for the Xbox console in August is now also available for PS2 owners to enj


Minority Report - XB - Review

You can almost always count on director Steven Spielberg to release some kind of blockbuster filled with over-the-top special effects and big movie s


Zapper - XB - Review

First of all, let me say that this game feels like such a rip-off of the 3D Frogger titles that its almost sad.s everything from grid based movement,


Street Hoops - GC - Review

Extreme basketball games have been a hot commodity ever since the release of NBA Jam in the early 90s. NBA Jam was the first of its kind, featuring f


Minority Report - GC - Review

Steven Spielbergs amazing blockbuster film from last summer is finally arriving on consoles, coinciding with the film The game was developed by Treya


Die Hard: Vendetta - GC - Review

John McClane has a knack for finding trouble. Or maybe it is that trouble has a knack for finding him. To get an understanding of the premise of the