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Rocky - GC - Review

Little did Apollo Creed know, way back in the mid-70s, that when he gave an underdog fighter the chance to compete for the biggest title in the world


Rocky - PS2 - Review

Anyone who knows movies no doubt knows what the fantastic Sylvester Stallone film series is all about. Not only did the story portray a great message


Drome Racers - PS2 - Review

It is the year 2015, and the world's population is into new and thrilling forms of entertainment. Drome is the new rage across the world; people can


Reign of Fire - XB - Review

There is just something appealing about being a part of a human resistance fighting for survival that many movies and games have been made on this fa


Reign of Fire - GC - Review

Well, another movie hits the theaters that I wanted to see and quickly went to DVD. Not bad for me, after all since the cost of renting is cheaper th