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Daredevil - GBA - Review

Its not easy being a superhero and even more so when the superhero in question is Daredevil--Marvel comic To coincide with the new movie of the same


Spider Wizard - PC - Review

Solitaire can be a mindless pursuit, blending a little forethought and a great deal of luck. Up the ante in the luck department, and toss in plenty o


Lemonade Tycoon - PC - Review

Roller Coaster Tycoon is one of the best selling PC games of recent years, delighting people all over. It's spawned several expansions, a sequel, and


Black & Bruised - GC - Review

Arcade style boxing hits the GameCube with Black s Punch Out and Ready 2 Rumble Boxing. However, while the game boasts some aesthetically pleasing gr


Devil May Cry 2 - PS2 - Review

I dont know how to say this. Maybe I could start with a little background on the first Devil May Cry, or talk about the legacy that the original game


Black & Bruised - PS2 - Review

Taking on Knuckles Nadine in a boxing match takes more than just fancy footwork and fast uppercuts that sting like a bee. And since the buxom Texas b