On Display at E3 - part 2

Screenshot - 777701

Could that be Mario's dad over on the right?

This overgrown hampster ball is actually a controller. Trust me, every home will have one for Christmas.

Yellow jacket of leather, +20 Charisma.

Anyone else see a young Joan Jett?

I hope someone remembered to let him out after the show.

One of the finest displays of the show.

I don't think that's street-legal.

Aww.... how sweet. He won a prize.

I'm surprised EA let any of us within 20 meters of this beauty.

What is that guy doing to that Ork?

All better now.

How come no one told me about the money booth until the last second?

I was sure it was going to fall on me at any second.

Whatever it is, it's pretty.

Can I see your badge please?

Brian Rowe
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