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Ninjatown: Trees of Doom Review


Going from tower defense to towering over trees, does this Ninjatown spin off make the jump or does it fall into the category of failed attempts? Ninjatown: Trees of Doom is a pick-up-and-play type of game. The objective is to get as high up the tree as you can without touching the poisonous purple sap and the enemies that await you on the journey. It sounds simple, but do not let its charming and simple graphics deceive you into thinking that it is an easy game to complete because it is not.

This game does have a glitch that pops up occasionally - it has a tendancy to slow down in spots, but this does not seem to affect the outcome.

The music is a peaceful melody that suits the game beautifully and the sound effects are top notch for the type of game.

Ninjatown: Trees of Doom is plus+ enabled, which allows you to connect with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, comparing high scores and posting for the leaderboard. It also has achievements that can be unlocked. One of the game's annoyances, though, it that it forces the player to hold the iPhone vertically, which is uncomfortable and can lead to hand cramps over an extended play period.

Ninjatown: Trees of Doom's trail-and-error gameplay has a bit of an addictive nature to it. I found myself playing it "one more time," and then another, and then it was an hour later. It is precisely that kind of addicting element that makes this game a solid .99 cent buy for the iPhone.


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