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My Boyfriend - PC - Review

Some games that release are targeted for a younger demographic and while it seems fine to try to tap the inner child, it is sometimes better to let younger gamers do the work and the review. Such is the case with the release of My Boyfriend on the PC. It seemed silly to try to play and review the game objectively since age and gender separates me from the target audience. Fortunately, though, I have a 13-year-old daughter, Emma, who not only likes to play games but is a good writer. So she played the game and did the review. What follows is her review of the game:


The new Viva Media game, My Boyfriend, is all about getting this guy to like you. When you and your best friend go on a vacation to a resort island, you meet a guy who starts to like you. So you go on all these dates with him to see if he is your true love. But just when things are going well weird things start to happen; will they break you apart or make your love stronger? You decide. Don’t worry though, in the game you can do other things like walk and play with dogs, get ice cream, go shopping, and all sorts of other fun stuff!

This game is reasonably easy to control and handle, but at first you don’t really get what to do.  For instance, when I started I was extremely annoyed with how slow the characters walked and I could not figure out how to get them to run until by total accident I hit the shift button and I started to run! But the instructions didn’t tell me that. Interactions in the game happen often; you talk with your friend, all the workers, and other guests that are on the island.  Days will pass after a certain amount of time and you will get the choice to stay up a little longer or go straight to the next day. You will stay in the one environment throughout the game, which is the resort island. This is a single-player game. There really isn’t a level of difficulty in the game, but this is most likely for children 10 and up.

Graphics in this game are well done; they could always be made better, though. Especially on the game intro where it says the name and what the game is about - the title was My Boyfriend 2 when the box and everything says just My Boyfriend! They definitely have a great 3D effect in this game. The ocean looks nice and was created well. You can see under the water and above it, which makes the ocean look relatively real. Besides the environmental graphics, the characters all look sort of the same. There isn’t really a great deal of choice with what you can use to make your character look different from all the other people.

The game did not have great variety of background music, so it did get annoying after a while. Even though they did have some different background noises during the game like seagulls crying, the ocean and the waves, wind blowing, and dogs barking.  Even with all the differing noises from the background the music just got on my nerves! The sound effects in the game were all right.

Difficulty in this game is at a minimum with a few exceptions. Walking around in the game, as long as you understand what you are doing, is as easy as pie. Understanding what to do in the game might be a tad bit more difficult at first, because it does not really give instructions very well.  In the game there are jobs and mini-games you can do to earn money. There is a job of delivering letters in a set amount of time that you have to run to get to each bungalow.  Also you can participate in a talent show, but you have to learn how to dance and do step aerobics, which is actually pretty hard.

As explained previously the concept in this game is pretty much trying to win the heart of this guy. But sometime during the game there is going to be a mystery on the island that maybe you can solve. In this single-player game you will decide what to do.

Overall this game is definitely for ages 10 and up. It has some flaws, but the game can be interesting. As long as you understand what to do and are good at mysteries you will probably enjoy this game!

Gameplay: 5.6
 Easy to control, but a bit confusing at first though; there is a problem with a shortage of instructions.

Graphics: 6.0
The graphics were Ok, but could have been better.

Sound: 5.2
Songs in the game got repetitive and slightly annoying, but the background sound effects had a variety.

Difficulty: Medium
The game can be challenging in some activities, but in others it is reasonably easy.

Concept:  6.8
In the game everything follows the overall concept of the game, of winning this guy's heart.

Overall: 6.4
The game has flaws, but still can be fun in areas. It is colorful, follows its concept, and has well-done graphics, though the sound effects are not great. This game is for younger gamers.

Above Average

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