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Munitio Billets 9mm Call of Duty Special Edition Earphones Review


As soon as I took out the Munitio Billets 9mm  Call of Duty Special Edition Earphones, I knew they were not going to be some cheap, “I’ll break these in two months” ear buds. These ear buds are legit. Each ear piece is machined from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum. This is no plastic! This is the same stuff that airplanes are made out of people! The craftsmanship really shows and adds to the value of the ear buds. The rubber cables are Kevlar®-reinforced for amazing durability.

There are a lot of cool features on these headphones. First thing I noticed is the ear buds are modeled after an actual 9mm round.  They have the company name and  “9mm” written on the outside, just as it would be on a live round. Though, this doesn’t make the sound any better, it is still looks awesome.

The second thing I noticed is that there are interchangeable rubber buds. My ears are a little smaller than the normal person's and a lot of earbuds don't fit me that well. Whether your ears are too big or too small, Munitio’s ear buds have you covered. They come with three different sized ear buds (Small, Medium, and Large), and each of those comes in two colors (Green and Black).  If they still don’t fit you after that, Munitio gives you two ear hooks. That way, whether you’re running for a workout or running to your squad leader at the E-VAC point, these headphones are going to fit your ears and continue to pump in the sound.  

Everybody is looking for earphones that make their music listening experience better, and you’re lying if you say you aren't. I want earphones that are going to keep my music in my ears while keeping other noises and sounds out. Munitio’s 9mm earphones do just that. The ear buds have noise-isolating Silicone Hollow Points, which direct the music directly into your ears, and not for the rest of the world to hear.  They also have bass-enhancing chamber so you can almost feel the kick drum or the RPG blowing up the enemy command vehicle. The superior audio performance is up to par for whatever purpose you are using them for, but they don't provide top of the line quality.  It sounds fine, but don't expect to hear every detail of what you're listening to.

The ear buds come with [M]ic Control™ in-line mic that provides one-button functionality and supports hands-free calling. These sleek-looking earphones are compatible with industry-leading smartphones, MP3players, laptops and tablets so you don’t have to worry about the headphones not working with your new tech.

Now even though these headphones cannot be used to play Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3, this should not deter you from purchasing these amazing ear buds.  These ear buds fit like my favorite shirt in my ears. They are extremely comfortable, and since I tried them on I have not taken them off. This is an awesome purchase for the Call of Duty enthusiast and those looking for a durable, comfortable set of ear buds.


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