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Mind of Man: A life online... Exposed

I recently had the good fortune to be involved in the beta for this title in Ireland and the U.K. The game is set to release, globally, sometime in June. It is amazing!! It allows players to search and run their friends, celebrities... well basically... ANYONE ON TWITTER, to check their personality archetypes. There is something really awesome about seeing someones personality laid out upon a wall, bare for the world to see. I mean on Twitter, its all about public sharing right? We have nothing to hide - Well MOM takes that a step further and allows us to poke and prod at those we admire and despise in our online worlds. I don't know how much more MInd of Man will have grown when it re-releases in June, for the global market. What I do know is that Mind of Man is going to be big. For the first time ever, we have a game which not only allows us to peer into the souls of others but also to look inwards and analyze ourselves. This is genuinely one of the most unique app/game's out there and I cannot urge you enough to check it out upon release!!! 9/10


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