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Midway Arcade iOS Review


Nostalgia begins to kick in anytime I look back at the arcade titles that influenced my young gaming habits: Joust, Defender, Root Beer Tapper, and more. These titles, though simple in contrast to the scope of today's games, still offered hours of gameplay that carried me through the years of coin-op arcade gaming. When Midway revealed their upcoming iOS project, Midway Arcade, ​I was eager to replay these wonderful experiences conveniently in one place. At $0.99, does Midway Arcade highlight on an impressive lineup of titles, or fail to relive the magic that once was? 

As I stated earlier, ​Midway Arcade features an outstanding lineup of titles. Even on an iOS device, the games are intact and familiar to those you played at your local arcade. As the title presumes, each game can be accessed throughout a virtual arcade where you can earn tickets for virtual prizes (who doesn't want a virtual teddy bear?). Unfortunately, the entire menu system is unforgivably slow — even unresponsive at times — making game selection a chore. The problem begins, though, once you jump into a game...

midway arcade ios

The fond memories of these classic titles quickly fades thanks to some of the most horrid controls in recent memory. Most of your time is spent cautiously moving the joystick, which is smaller than your actual thumb. Speaking of thumbs, it's almost laughable how easy it is misplace your thumb, making quick and precise movements virtually impossible. Ironically, when the controls do work, the gameplay is actually quite addicting (put emphasis on when). Nevertheless, the entire scheme feels clunky and detracts from the beauty of these stellar titles. 

​Sadly, each game feels more like a mini-game than something you actually want to invest time into. Gone are the days of high scores and bragging rights; instead, it's focused around simply experiencing these titles whether you're a newcomer or old-school player. The execution quickly fails, and the entire lineup becomes repetitive and boring. In addition, you'll have to pay to gain access to some titles that are already in the arcade, which is frustrating because they're some of my favorites. 

Overall, Midway Arcade fails to impress on every level. The welcoming lineup becomes instantly overshadowed by worthless controls and a clunky menu system. Old-school fans may appreciate replaying these classics, but they'll quickly question where their passion for these titles went. At $0.99, you may find this package worthwhile if you ever have a free minute or two, but if you're looking for a true arcade experience, stay clear of ​Midway Arcade. 

Below Average

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